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The number one contract continued lifelong exposure to Manchester City premier Max refused to "Real Madrid Barcelona Aguero teamed up with the Guardiola scene is beautiful sina sports news Aguero since 2011 after joining Manchester City, became the core of the team undisputed, Guardiola next season will be in the city, the blue light also eager to leave the team’s top scorer, with two people to make a look big business. Aguero’s current contract expires in 2019, according to the British "sun" exclusive news, Manchester City hope for Argentina to send a lifetime contract, so that he can be the rest of the occupation career in Manchester! A city insiders told the "sun", Aguero long stay in Manchester City is a high probability, "relationship between the club and Aguero very well, he is very happy to stay here, he is an outstanding player, and will become the key pieces of Melon under Diaolazhi." After the news of La Liga giants Barcelona Real Madrid are interested in bringing Aguero to the Spanish court, but they hope that through continuous reinforcement team let Aguero see continuing important trophy hopes, while for a lifetime contract also means Manchester look very long. Aguero is currently a week for 150 thousand pounds, when signing a new contract, salary will rise sharply, he will become the Premier League top salary group. (Sven dies)

曝曼城终身合同续头号杀神 英超顶薪拒皇马巴萨 阿圭罗联手瓜迪奥拉的场景太美   新浪体育讯  阿圭罗自2011年加盟曼城后,就成为球队无可争议的核心人物,瓜迪奥拉下赛季就将入主曼城,蓝月亮也迫不及待希望留下队内头号射手,以期待二人联手做出一番大事业。   阿圭罗目前的合同要到2019年到期,据英国《太阳报》独家消息,曼城希望为阿根廷人送上一份终身合同,以便他能够将剩余的职业生涯都留在曼彻斯特!   一位曼城内部人士告诉《太阳报》,阿圭罗长留曼城的可能性非常之大,“俱乐部和阿圭罗的关系非常融洽,他很乐意留在这里,他是一位杰出的球员,并且会成为瓜迪奥拉治下最关键的棋子。”   此前有消息称西甲双雄巴萨皇马均有意将阿圭罗带回西班牙赛场,但是曼城希望通过不断的补强阵容让阿圭罗看到持续争夺重要锦标的希望,而此时送上一份终身合同也意味着曼城的目光非常长远。   阿圭罗目前的周薪为15万英镑,一旦签下新约,薪水势必大幅上涨,他将成为英超顶薪一族。   (斯文已逝)相关的主题文章: