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The new US President Trump preference snow beauty: the two wife is Trump 2016 president of the United States ski master Donald Trump election dust has settled, (hereinafter referred to as Trump) successful counter attack in the history of the United States won the fifty-eighth presidential election, at the age of 70 to become the oldest U.S. president. It Trump and skiing there is still a big source of. Born in June 14, 1946 Trump married three times, including two former wives and the ski. The first lady Trump named Ivana Trump (Ivana Trump), was born in 1949 in Czechoslovakia, is very small in his father’s enlightenment and encouragement show ski talent. Once there are rumors that specializes in alpine skiing downhill and slalom Ivana had to substitute the identity in the 1972 Winter Olympics in Czechoslovakia delegation, but this statement is the Czechoslovakia Olympic Committee Secretary General pater – wave Metz (Petr Pomezny), in 1989 to refute. The first lady is a ski for the first time in 1973, after a failed marriage of Ivana went to Canada and ski clothing store business childhood friends together, and then came to New York for the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games to do promotion and made Trump. Two people held a grand wedding in April 7, 1977, a total of two married people have two sons and one daughter, daughter Ivanka trump has become Trump’s right-hand man and with extraordinary beauty and intelligence won wide attention. Two wife is a pageant and actor in 1990, Trump and Miss Beauty actor Maria Mapes (Marla Maples) reported by Ivana and an affair, is a hit with. The magazine "people" magazine. At that time, Trump Colorado Aspen (Aspen) is a ski resort for Christmas, Ivana outside the restaurant when I met Maria, two people quarreled bitterly. In the hearing range of Trump pretend unheard, put on your skis went to the mountain down. The original report is very vivid, "Trump this is wrong: you know Ivana, but he can’t ski master. Czech woman ablaze with anger a few didn’t catch up with the Trump, someone saw Ivana swear hard Trump a slap in the face, and then slide down the hill, Trump face left finger print." But Trump is Trump, this thing did not defeat him, he followed Maria booked a room, three people have no problem at all later. Perhaps it is this war has played a catalytic role. In 1991, Trump and Ivana divorced, married Maria in 1993. The future first lady for the "bazaar" magazine photos now has been elected president of the Trump already have around third wife, the future first lady Melania is a former model, had appeared in the famous "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition in 2000. In addition, there are two Trump and ski related tidbits. Trump cap Trump his campaign slogan is "let us great again" (Make America Great Aga)相关的主题文章: