, the new economic commanding point of the world, the rise of the Guangzhou regional innovation-haywire

Seize the commanding heights of the new global economy, Guangzhou’s rising regional innovation corps — Guangdong channel — the original title of the people’s network: seize the commanding heights of the new global economy, Guangzhou’s rising regional innovation corps, the international city Guangzhou’s urban landscape. Nanfang Daily reporter Xiao Xiong took the Guangzhou University city and the international innovation city "Shuangcheng linkage", Pazhou built the world-class innovation platform based on Internet technology, and built "Internet" town along Tianhe District Road, Zhongshan Avenue and Whampoa  Avenue. Through the report of the Party Congress of each district, the Guangzhou regional innovation Legion has risen strongly, and the construction of the international scientific and technological innovation hub is tight. Building an important central city, building a hub network city, representing the country to participate in the global competition, Guangzhou is on the path of "innovation". The new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation in the world are converging. The innovation driven development of Guangzhou will fall on the new industry and new format of agglomeration and development, and the two wheel drive of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry will seize the commanding heights of the global new economy. The central city is building the strategic node of the international scientific and technological innovation hub. At present, Guangzhou is building an important national central city, and the innovation and development of the central city is an important support. Tianhe District, Yuexiu District, Liwan District and other central urban areas have gathered many high-tech industries, providing a large number of carriers for innovation and development, and letting the industrial innovation and development radiate the whole city. As the leader of Guangzhou’s economic and social development, Tianhe District is striving to become the core area of international science and technology innovation hub, and has formed an innovative space and industrial layout with dots and lines. For example, Tianhe smart city focuses on mobile Internet, Internet of things, cloud computing and other emerging industries. By 2020, the contribution of software and information technology services to GDP has doubled. The Tianhe "Internet" town along the path of Ke Yun Road, along Zhongshan Avenue and Whampoa  Avenue will focus on building venture capital and private capital and other venture capital gathering areas to form 100 billion "Internet" industrial clusters. According to Lin Daoping, Secretary of Tianhe District Committee, we will support the development of small and medium-sized technology enterprises and small technology giant enterprises who master core technologies or innovative business models. By 2020, the total number of high-tech enterprises in the region will reach more than 2000. The construction of the innovation carrier also extends to the streets, and there will be young entrepreneurs in the 21 streets of Tianhe District. Yuexiu District is also taking up the high point of the new economic development and building the strategic node of the international scientific and technological innovation hub. Yuexiu party secretary Wang Huanqing said, Yuexiu will build a high value innovation of Guangzhou science and technology innovation corridor, accelerate the Huanghuagang science park space expansion and service quality, to support the sheep late business base, southern media Tencent 289 Art Center and other high-end incubator bigger and stronger. The protection of intellectual property rights is the core of innovation. According to the introduction, Yuexiu District will build the Guangzhou international intellectual property headquarters building to develop the trademark economy and knowledge economy of "three in one" of patent, copyright and trademark. Yuexiu District plans to promote the listing of more than 80 high quality enterprises in the past five years, with more than 150 new high-tech enterprises and more than 250 "small giant" enterprises. As the core function area of Guangzhou to build an important national central city, Liwan District also focuses on developing new economy based on technological innovation, speeding up the upgrading of the industrial chain and value chain, and forming an industrial system with core competitiveness. Liwan District Secretary Wei Wei Han revealed that the southern region will play a central role of urban agglomeration and radiation function, forming two to three technology oriented industrial agglomeration area. At the same time, focusing on the high-end manufacturing industry of "six cities and one area" in the West Bank of the Pearl River, a group of leading enterprise headquarters and R & D centers are gathered. The rise of the new army and efforts to support technological innovation corridors, Guangzhou to build a national independent innovation demonstration area, we must take technological innovation as the core of the comprehensive innovation. At present, Guangzhou is to build Guangzhou science and technology innovation corridor in Guangzhou high tech Zone, the new Guangzhou knowledge city, Science City, private technology park, wisdom City, Pazhou Internet innovation gathering area, bio Island, University City, international city, Nansha Pearl City Science and technology innovation as the core. In this scientific and technological innovation corridor, the role of Pazhou Internet innovation agglomeration area is becoming more and more prominent. The reporter learned from the Haizhuqu District Congress, Pazhou Internet innovation cluster development of Internet services and new media services, information technology, artificial intelligence and other emerging industries, the construction of Internet leader headquarters base, forming a new engine in Guangzhou and the national science and technology progress, to build a world-class innovation platform based on Internet technology, become the leading value innovation demonstration zone. At the same time, Haizhuqu District is also expanding the development space, promoting the planning and construction of Pazhou Eastern District and south area, and connecting the Internet innovation cluster area, University Town and Biological Island connection point, making Pazhou become an important hub of Guangzhou science and technology innovation corridor. In addition, the planning and construction of important nodes from Xingang road to Haizhu lake, Haizhu lake to Nanhai Xinsha and so on are also pushing ahead, speeding up the development of the new central axis southern section business district and promoting it to become an important support point for Guangzhou hub network city. And Panyu District, with the city of the University and the international innovation city, also has its own path of innovation and development. According to the Panyu party secretary He Rucheng introduced to CISCO as a leading city of Guangzhou University and international innovation city "Shuangcheng linkage", the coordinated development of the private science and Technology Park, accelerate the construction of innovation in Northern Economic Zone, the formation of a strong absorber and the radiation source of high-end resources, an important support area construction of international science and technology innovation hub. Specifically, Panyu District will focus on the construction of CISCO’s projects, introduce global partners, promote the development of upstream and downstream industries, and create a billion billion intelligent economy. At the same time, it activates the innovation resources advantage of the University City, and promotes the transformation of the University City from the education city to the city created by innovation and entrepreneurship. Hub effect, innovation factors, new industry and new format. Guangzhou is building an international shipping center, bringing logistics, information flow, capital flow and talent flow together to stimulate innovation vitality. Baiyun District and Huadu District, as the seat of Guangzhou international aviation hub, have obvious characteristics in their innovation and development. How to make the hub innovation collide with greater chemical effect, the two districts have their respective advantages. Baiyun International Airport will become a demonstration area of the national airport economy, and Baiyun as the Guangzhou international aviation hub bridgehead is more prominent. The reporter learned from the Baiyun District, Baiyun District will to the public park as the base, relying on Zhongluotan Vocational Education Park, Xianei University and research institute innovation resources, build regional innovation hub. At the same time, with the new Guangzhou knowledge city linkage development, the formation of point, line, surface integration of innovation system. Relying on the empty rail and land transportation network and location advantages, Baiyun District will also accelerate the establishment of e-commerce logistics service platform, and promote logistics modernization and intellectualization by logistics, driving business flow, information flow and capital flow. Aviation equipment manufacturing, electronic information and other high-end manufacturing industry will be bigger and stronger to promote green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, we should develop urban modern agriculture, build a batch of sightseeing agriculture demonstration bases and characteristic parks, vigorously develop the e-commerce of agricultural products, cultivate leading enterprises and special brands, and improve the level of agricultural modernization. Huadu, as the main battlefield of the hub and the hub of the international aviation hub, is the hub of northern Guangzhou gathering high-end elements to drive the hub of the surrounding area. "Aviation hub high-end industry" has become the path of its innovation and development. Huadu District Secretary Huang Weilin introduction, "advanced manufacturing hub" will focus on creating Bajiang yijiangliangan advanced manufacturing industry. "Aviation hub green finance" will actively strive for the green financial reform and innovation test area to be approved as soon as possible, and the construction of green financial reform and innovation test area. Huadu will also highlight the "hub hub", developing aviation headquarters, e-commerce, technology services, business services and other industries with immediate directivity. Highlight the "aviation hub culture and creativity", introduce industrial design, VR (virtual reality) business headquarters, and guide leather leather products, jewelry, electronics, audio and other traditional manufacturing industry to upgrade the value chain to create "the capital of creative design". Characteristic innovation, relying on resource endowments, realizing the corner overtaking location and building a happy and beautiful ecological city, Conghua is going out of a distinctive way of innovation. Conghua has established the ecological industries as bio medicine, new energy vehicles and other ecological industries as the focus of innovation and development, and turned into a new innovation gathering place in Guangzhou. Conghua proposed to build up the advanced manufacturing industry of biomedicine based on China Switzerland (Guangzhou) Conghua pharmaceutical and health industrial base, and focus on the development of BYD automobile manufacturing, and expand the advanced manufacturing industry of new energy vehicles. At the same time, we should take the construction of ecological civilization as the grasp of the modern service industry, such as healthy health keeping, cultural and creative, outdoor sports and other life. The day before, in the far north of Guangzhou, the city’s first feature of the town — Conghua district "Lu Tian Zhen Lin Ma Town opened its doors. The characteristic town model of the northern mountain area has successfully explored a path to promote the precision and precision of poverty alleviation and promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure. This year, Conghua District, Xitang, Xi Lin Ma and the beautiful town construction, form a demonstration effect, next year will also create unibrook (PO six), Jin Dong, Gutian, Nanping, a field, and hot springs 7 meters? A beautiful town, the town features is becoming a hotbed of innovation economy. Targeting the construction of a modern and medium-sized ecological city of Zengcheng District, the national Zengcheng economic and Technological Development Zone will be identified as the main battlefield of innovation so that it can truly become the main engine of Guangzhou development and industrial growth pole. The total output value of the new industry is more than 100 billion yuan – this is the goal that the national level Zengcheng economic and Technological Development Zone should achieve in the next five years. Among them, in the advanced manufacturing industry, Zengcheng Development Zone will be wide, Beiqi two vehicle project as a leader, the development of automobile and the development of new energy automobile manufacturing, vehicle supporting the core components of the enterprise, focus on promoting the automobile technology research center of Southern China headquarters base project construction, the automotive industry into a pillar industry’s first one hundred billion. At the same time, we should actively introduce strategic emerging industries such as financial equipment, environmental protection equipment, general equipment and military equipment, and cultivate 2 to 3 new growth points for the future. Nanfang Daily reporter Li Chang Road (Jiang Shan Zhang Haiyan, commissioning editor: Yang Jieli) 抢占全球新经济制高点 广州崛起区域创新军团–广东频道–人民网 原标题:抢占全球新经济制高点 广州崛起区域创新军团   国际化都市广州的城市景观。 南方日报记者 肖雄 摄   广州大学城与国际创新城“双城联动”,琶洲打造基于互联网技术的世界级创新平台,天河区沿科韵路、中山大道、黄埔大道沿线建设“互联网”小镇……透过各区党代会报告,广州区域创新军团强势崛起,国际科技创新枢纽建设紧锣密鼓。   建设国家重要的中心城市,打造枢纽型网络城市,代表国家参与全球竞争,广州凭“创新”踏上征途。全球新一轮科技革命与产业变革历史性交汇,广州各区将创新驱动发展落在新产业新业态集聚发展,先进制造业与现代服务业双轮驱动的基点上,抢占全球新经济制高点。   中心城区   打造国际科技创新枢纽战略节点   目前,广州正在建设国家重要中心城市,中心城区的创新发展是重要支撑。天河区、越秀区、荔湾区等中心城区聚集了众多高新技术产业,为创新发展提供了大量载体,也让产业创新发展辐射全市。   作为广州经济社会发展的排头兵,天河区正努力成为国际科技创新枢纽核心区,已形成点线面相结合的创新空间和产业布局。比如,天河智慧城重点发展移动互联网、物联网、云计算等新兴产业,到2020年软件和信息技术服务业对全区GDP贡献翻一番。以科韵路沿线、中山大道沿线、黄埔大道沿线形成的天河“互联网”小镇,将着重打造风险投资、私募资本等创投集聚区,形成千亿级“互联网 ”产业集群。   据天河区委书记林道平介绍,掌握核心技术或创新商业模式的科技型中小企业和科技小巨人企业都将得到扶持发展,到2020年全区高新技术企业总数将达2000家以上。创新载体建设也延伸到街道,天河区全区21个街道都将有青年创业社区。   越秀区也在抢占新经济发展制高点,打造国际科技创新枢纽战略节点。越秀区委书记王焕青表示,越秀将建设广州科技创新走廊的价值创新高地,加快推进黄花岗科技园的空间扩容与服务提质,扶持羊晚腾讯创业基地、南方传媒289艺术中心等高端孵化器做大做强。   知识产权保护是创新的核心一环。据介绍,越秀区将建设广州国际知识产权总部大厦,发展专利、版权、商标“三合一”的商标经济、知识经济。越秀区计划在五年推动80家以上优质企业上市,新增150家以上高新技术企业和250家以上“小巨人”企业。   而作为广州建设国家重要中心城市核心功能区,荔湾区也着力发展以科技创新为主的新经济,加快向产业链和价值链高端迈进,形成具有核心竞争力的产业体系。荔湾区委书记危伟汉透露,南片地区将发挥中心城区生产要素的集聚和辐射功能,形成两到三个以科技为引导的产业集聚区。同时,着眼珠江西岸“六市一区”的高端制造产业,集聚一批龙头企业总部及研发中心。   新军崛起   多点发力支撑科技创新廊道   广州要建设国家自主创新示范区,就必须以科技创新为核心的全面创新。目前,广州正打造以广州高新区、中新广州知识城、科学城、民营科技园、智慧城、琶洲互联网创新集聚区、生物岛、大学城、国际创新城、南沙明珠科技城等为核心的广州科技创新走廊。   在这条科技创新走廊中,琶洲互联网创新集聚区的作用日益凸显。记者从海珠区党代会获悉,琶洲互联网创新集聚区将重点发展互联网服务及新媒体、新兴信息技术服务、人工智能等产业,建设互联网领军企业总部基地,形成广州乃至全国科技进步的新引擎,打造基于互联网技术的世界级创新平台,成为价值创新引领示范区。   海珠区同时也在拓展发展空间,推进琶洲东区、南区等区域的规划建设,打通互联网创新集聚区、大学城、生物岛的连接点,使琶洲成为广州科技创新走廊的重要枢纽。此外,新港路至海珠湖、海珠湖至南海心沙等重要节点的规划建设也在推进,加快新中轴线南段商务区开发,推动其成为广州枢纽型网络城市的重要支撑点。   而拥有大学城和国际创新城的番禺区,也有着自己创新发展路径。据番禺区委书记何汝诚介绍,以思科项目为龙头,广州大学城和国际创新城“双城联动”,各大民营科技园区协同发展,加快构建北部创新经济带,形成对高端要素资源的强大吸附器和辐射源,建设国际科技创新枢纽重要支撑区。   具体而言,番禺区将围绕思科项目建设,引入全球合作伙伴,推动上下游产业集聚发展,打造千亿级智慧经济体。同时激活大学城创新资源优势、推动大学城由教育城向创新创业创造之城转变。   枢纽效应   创新要素裂变新产业新业态   广州正在打造国际航运中心,将物流、信息流、资金流、人才流汇于一体,激发创新活力。白云区和花都区作为广州国际航空枢纽的所在地,其创新发展也有着显著的特点,如何让“枢纽创新”碰撞出更大的化学效应,两区都发挥了各自的优势。   白云国际机场将成为国家临空经济示范区,白云作为广州国际航空枢纽桥头堡的地位更加凸显。记者从白云区党代会获悉,白云区将以民科园为基地,依托钟落潭职教园区、辖内高校、科研院所等创新资源,打造区域创新枢纽。同时,与中新广州知识城联动发展,形成点、线、面结合的创新体系。   依托空铁陆立体交通网络和区位优势,白云区还将加快建立电商物流服务平台,以物流带动商贸流、信息流、资金流,推动物流现代化、智能化发展。航空设备制造、电子信息等高端制造业将做大做强,推进绿色制造、智能制造。同时,发展都市型现代农业,建设一批观光农业示范基地、特色园区,大力发展农产品电子商务,培育龙头企业和特色品牌,提升农业现代化水平。   花都作为国际航空枢纽的所在地和枢纽建设的主战场,是广州北部集聚高端要素辐射带动周边地区的枢纽,“航空枢纽高端产业”成为其创新发展的路径选择。花都区委书记黄伟林介绍,“航空枢纽先进制造业”将重点打造巴江“一江两岸”先进制造产业带。“航空枢纽绿色金融”将积极争取绿色金融改革创新试验区尽快批复,建设绿色金融改革创新试验区。   花都还将突出“航空枢纽 总部”,发展航空总部、电子商务、科技服务、商务服务等具有临空指向性的产业。突出“航空枢纽文化创意”,引进工业设计、VR(虚拟现实)企业总部,引导皮革皮具、金银珠宝、电子音响等传统制造业向价值链高端提升,打造“创意设计之都”。   特色创新   依托资源禀赋实现弯道超车   定位建设幸福美丽生态之城的从化,正走出一条特色创新之路。   从化将生物医药、新能源汽车等生态型产业确立为创新发展的重点,变身为广州新的创新集结地。从化提出,以中国-瑞士(广州)从化生态医药健康产业基地为平台,集聚壮大生物医药先进制造业;以广汽比亚迪客车制造为龙头,集聚壮大新能源汽车先进制造业。同时,以生态文明建设为抓手,培育壮大健康养生、文化创意、户外运动等生活性现代服务业。   日前,在广州最北端,全市首个特色小镇――从化区吕田镇“莲麻小镇”开门迎客。北部山区特色小镇模式成功试探出了一条推进精准扶贫精准脱贫和促进产业结构优化升级的路径。今年,从化区完成莲麻、西塘、西和首批美丽小镇建设,形成示范效应,明年还将再造出联溪(阿婆六)、锦洞、古田、份田、南平、米?、温泉等7个美丽小镇,这些特色小镇正成为孕育创新经济的温床。   定位建设现代化中等规模生态之城的增城区,将国家级增城经济技术开发区确定为创新的主战场,使其真正成为广州发展主引擎和产业增长极。   新增工业总产值1000亿元以上――这是未来五年,国家级增城经济技术开发区要实现的目标。其中,在先进制造业方面,增城开发区将以广本、北汽两大整车项目为龙头,大力发展汽车及新能源汽车研发制造、整车配套核心零部件企业,重点推进中汽技术研究中心华南总部基地等项目建设,把汽车产业打造成首个千亿级支柱产业。同时,还要积极引进金融装备、环保装备、通用设备、军工装备等战略性新兴产业,培育形成2至3个未来新的增长点。   南方日报记者 昌道励 江珊 (责编:杨杰利、张海燕)相关的主题文章: