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The new Board letter Phi supervision   " upgrade; listed company; chaos Huyou " frequent Interviews – Shanghai channel: original title: three new Board letter Phi regulation and then upgrade the listed company frequently interviewed in September 27th, the national stock transfer company chairman of the new board listed company off clouds and secretaries were interviewed. This self regulatory measures, directed at the moment a lot of listed company violation of the letter Phi rules of chaos phenomenon. Off clouds listed in the new board at the end of 2015, the company in 2016 in the report, head of the "2016 Chinese enterprise credit construction demonstration unit" and "2016 Chinese most socially responsible entrepreneurs integrity" ring of the listed company, the first half of this year net profit -2798 million yuan. Despite the huge losses, but investors seem to be interested in it is still not small". According to the national stock transfer company "on clouds Technology (Beijing) Limited by Share Ltd to take measures to talk with" information disclosure, clouds in August 5, 2016 in the product launch to the media revealed that the "to be completed B+ round and C round of financing totaling 222 million yuan, the financing by the purse CITIC Industrial Fund collar vote. Investment securities, investment securities, CITIC Securities, Harvest Fund, Ding Feng assets, Mizuki financial innovation and other brokerage, raised funds and private equity funds to participate in the subscription, the old shareholders keishing capital to continue with the vote". National share transfer company, said the financing information contains the amount of financing, the issue of information and other objects, are likely to have a greater impact on the stock price of major events. But the above information and clouds off the share transfer system of designated information disclosure of relevant information disclosure platform is not consistent. "The B+ round of financing is in accordance with the relevant rules to fulfill the obligations decision-making procedures and information disclosure, has not yet been completed; but only in the C round of financing financing scheme of the consultation stage, clouds have yet to fulfill the internal decision-making procedures, nor in the national stock transfer company information disclosure of relevant information on the platform. A wide range of media coverage of this, it is likely to mislead investors in the market". The past two months, the shares of the company has been on the listed company "Huyou" concealed violations such as the implementation of a number of regulatory measures. In fact, at present the number of three new board listed company has more than 9100 cases, many companies in the market often outspoken, major information executives or casually say, or is the information disclosure and company site free shares transfer system with information content is not a lot of dew, when they are in violation of the relevant provisions of the letter phi. What is more, in the letter Phi link concealed". Prior to this, listed company two executives when he was president of the company and the chairman of the board of directors, general manager conceal the right to hold the right of abode abroad, resulting in the listed company did not disclose the above mentioned in the declaration documents. In this regard, shares of the company has taken interviews and submit a written commitment to regulatory measures. The industry believes that the details of some of the information disclosure supervision, showing the regulatory attention for the new board market system construction, but also to the current more than 9 thousand listed company warned, for the whole market to upgrade the level of information disclosure and standardization plays)相关的主题文章: