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The net transfer of Kunming high speed rail staff recruitment "Kunming Railway Bureau rumor – Beijing Beijing in August 25 Kunming Xinhua (reporter Ma Qian) recently, a" Kunming high Tiehu Kunxian 2016 recruitment notice "circulating on the network, causing many users attention. In this regard, the Kunming Railway Bureau 25, said in a statement: after verification of relevant information are false information. Posted in the network recruitment announcement, marking the recruitment of 150 staff, September interview, and on the two off two, will practice training in Beijing and so on. Reporters then search the recruitment notice, found to have been deleted. However, in early August 2015, Anhui also has the "Hefei high speed rail station and Shanghai Railway Bureau" internal recruitment "high-speed rail crew, paid news". In this regard, the Hefei evening news carried out these days, beware of your circle of friends high-speed rail recruitment information!" The new media tips, indicating that this is a fraud trap, there are indeed candidates fooled, the loss of several million. The Kunming Railway Bureau released a statement saying: Recently, network transmission Kunming Railway Bureau staff recruitment of high iron, and with the recruitment requirements, working time and salary, contact and interview processes and other information, caused widespread concern of Internet users. After verifying the relevant information are false information." Kunming Railway Bureau said that in order to clarify the truth, to prevent criminals took the opportunity to defraud and people suffer economic losses, the Council statement, Kunming Railway Bureau recruitment information will be released through the "China railway recruitment network" and the Kunming Railway Bureau official WeChat, micro-blog, in addition to the false information. Please do not blindly trust the general public and users, beware of deception. (end)相关的主题文章: