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The national war in October is crucial to Syria   want to go to Russia? Points are important! – Sports – People’s original title: want to go to Russia? Points are important! 10 World Cup qualifiers in Russia in the Asian Games in the top 12, the country has played two feet. Away 2 3 lost to South Korea, 0 to 0 draw with Iran team home court, Chinese team two games to get 1 points. Look at the results are not ideal, but lost to the second place ranking in Asia, South Korea, Asia the first home court at the Iran team, the Orangemen in the 12 race is the preliminary foothold. So, how far is it to the world cup in Russia? National foot in the end of the hope is not big? Judging from the current situation, the next home game against Syria and away from the Uzbekistan team two most important results. If the results of these two games ideal, then the road to the foot of the road is much more flat. 1 points is the key to the national team from the Iran team scored 1 points is very critical in the body of the. The 12 match, the China team is extremely dangerous. The team in the first two rounds with South Korea, Iran, the team’s top teams of all the Games in the top 7. In case of losing a few games, the Chinese team’s top 12 trip may end early, do not wait until September next year. In addition, China team for the Syria team in the first cycle and Qatar are good natural home court, to the satisfaction of all, if the result is not ideal, the second cycle of 5 games or teams or away, that is simply terrible. Therefore, a country can accept the start is very necessary. Throughout the first half of the performance of the first two games, although the first loss, but away from the road, but also played a good situation, the results can be accepted in the case of confidence. The second home court team against Iran, with the first in Asia, coupled with the South Korean team is the Syria team away draw, which makes the two strongest team from the national football team in just 3 minutes, can be said to have not been falling much. It is the Uzbekistan team, two games were won by 1 to 0, 6 points, the team comes first. October is the key in October 6th, the national football team will play against Syria, in the face of the game against Uzbekistan on. Look at the schedule at a glance, Syria national football team must try to win a war home court at Uzbekistan, and a team battle goal would be to grab points. Whether it will be able to directly determine whether the national team competition in the first three. In the same group, Syria is considered to be the weakest but good. The first round of only 0 to 1 loss to the Uzbekistan team, the second round of the super long up to 0 than 0 with Tai Chi in South korea. Visible on the strength of the Syria team is not much weaker than the Chinese team. Therefore, the October 6th race, Chinese team must be flat mentality, and strive to get 3 points, or the promotion of the road basically wasted. After the Syria team, the national team to play against Uzbekistan. Last year’s Asian Cup, although the Uzbekistan team was defeated by the national team, but the Central Asian team strength. The road, the task is to grab the national points. Only grab the scores, in order to ensure enough to maintain the competitiveness in the top three teams in the competition. If the first two games suffered a losing streak, not only behind the situation相关的主题文章: