The money worship time, only change the mercenary World Buddhism

Mercenary " " material; only change the world Buddhist era Buddhist world, a change in the crux of Chinese social development and social economic Chinese mental atrophy until now, is said to have to "not bad money" of the state, the words from Zhao Benshan’s essay, although it is a joke, but also reflects the diffuse in the social life of vanity impetuous, sybaritic lifestyle of the people. Since the material level is not bad money, then what is missing? Lack of morals。 In view of this, Premier Wen Jiabao has been calling on the people of these years to flow the blood vessels of morality, to look up at the stars. Atrophy of the brain, chest, abdomen dry expansion, this is the value of social anomie, less wicked letter image portrayal. Brain atrophy, refers to the thought of emptiness, fear, spirit can not find a place to settle down; chest withered, refers to the lack of political responsibility and social responsibility; abdominal swelling, refers to the materialistic, utilitarianism prevails. I have received a letter from an entrepreneur in the UK before the tomb of Marx sent a message, very interesting: "we used to pursue the idea of losing Mark, the last thirty years for the sake of the loss of the thought of the idea of the past years." Held in Fudan University Zen Institute’s "entrepreneurs and social responsibility" Zen tea meeting, participants in the keynote speech called for: "in the face of social responsibility and the lack of capital expansion, need to use the eye to see Buddha nature, with Buddhist wisdom to enhance their sense of social responsibility, cultivation." (Lu Feng: "responsibility and capital", published in the "Buddhist" observation of the total fourth, May 2009 twenty-first Century) Chinese, undoubtedly taking economic construction as the center, but the gentleman’s love of money, must be in a proper way. The first level road, which belongs to the secular society, law and morality; more deep origin, is the religious spirit beyond the mundane. One can have no religious beliefs, but must have religious sentiment. This kind of transcendence in the person, is free from vulgarity temperament. Performance in society, is to consider the long-term, comprehensive and overall interests. Great truth does not exclude the small truth, but the small truth must obey the great truth. In Theravada Buddhism "by the Buddha" Batuo Kama, the most basic human desire is divided into four kinds: 1, I would like to increase wealth through proper channels every day. In other words, everyone wants to be rich. Wealth is what people want most. 2, when a person is rich, he is eager to fame. He is such a wish: May I know everywhere, especially to spread in my friends and teachers. 3. When a man is rich and famous, he prays for good health and long life. He wished me good health and longevity. 4, when a person is rich, good reputation and good health and longevity, he naturally want happiness after death. He is such a wish: May I enjoy the day after death. From the middle of Mahayana Bodhisattva wisdom, all the world of desire and the Buddha law is not divided. In the world of Buddhism, India society has four layers of goals: desire, benefit, law and morality. Desire is the first layer of demand of life, is one of the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, the natural instincts of man. In order to meet the desire to have a certain economic strength, so the pursuit of interest has become the second goal of life. In the pursuit of interests.相关的主题文章: