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The money to buy silver long   GREE’s to where? — home — original title: money to buy Silver Long intended to GREE to where? Suspension of more than half a year, GREE opened the lid of its capital mergers and acquisitions. The company by way of issuing shares, to 13 billion yuan acquisition of Zhuhai long silver, which is a new energy bus (electric) manufacturers, with an annual output of billion ah grade lithium titanate batteries, annual production of 10 thousand units of pure electric bus. Currently its output ranked seventh in the industry last year, according to the latest statistics, in June this year, the monthly output ranking of up to third. Some people think that GREE cars to break since 2015. Its main air-conditioning sales suffered ceiling scale. However, according to public information, in 2015, the first half of 2016, the bank’s operating income was only 3 billion 860 million yuan and $2 billion 480 million, profit was $416 million, $377 million. This distance Dong Mingzhu plan "recreating a GREE" far not a tiny bit. So, GREE premium of 2.6 times (silver long valuation of less than 5 billion yuan), what is the real purpose of spending 13 billion yuan "war"? Is to patent battery business — long silver with 6 minutes fast charge and discharge resistance, wide temperature range (-50 to +60), high security features such as 30 years the cycle life, no fire no explosion. But the core of the problem and silver long battery energy technology — you remember a few years ago GREE exclusive photovoltaic air conditioning to vigorously promote? Dong Mingzhu was also invited Wanda head Wang Jianlin for the product platform. In accordance with the principles of the design of household solar air conditioning, the air conditioning can be used solar power generation, storage, and through the grid and the grid, each household can be used to sell their own power generation part of the power plant". If this plan is achieved, then the future of GREE is not just another one hundred billion problem, but the level of one trillion. But with the city grid, the provincial power grid is very difficult, especially the energy storage technology is also a big problem, and this is the strengths of silver long. That is to say, it seems that GREE is in the "crossover" is actually in the car, for the future of solar air conditioning the real strategy in laying a solid foundation. In fact, Miss Dong in two days before the acquisition of media communication will be mentioned in the message, but has not been too much attention. The merger, GREE unexpectedly did not use the company lying on the account of about 90000000000 yuan in cash, and the issuance of additional shares of $23 billion. Among them, Dong Mingzhu more than nearly 1 billion yuan to participate in the issuance of additional. Lenovo Vanke A in the capital market was frequently barbarians barbarians at home, which is an important weakness of the equity dispersion, GREE apparently see this point. 23 billion yuan in the issuance, in addition to the $13 billion is to increase the acquisition of silver shareholders to acquire outside, GREE’s other $10 billion set by the first major increase is the GREE group, followed by employee stock ownership plan. GREE group holding 1 billion 96 million shares, after the completion of the issuance of the same GREE Group Holdings, is still 18.2%, sit tight in the first major shareholders. After the completion of the issuance, Dong Mingzhu personal stake from the current 0.74% rose to 1.3%,相关的主题文章: