The Mid Autumn Festival will be held on October 4th and national day holiday-adobe gamma

Mid Autumn Festival next year for October 4th and National Day holiday "happy meeting", "sea born bright moon", the end of the world at this time." This year’s Mid Autumn Festival is not only close to the national day, but also a rare "fifteen moon seventeen circle" in the mid autumn month". Astronomy experts pointed out that under the influence of "leap month", the Mid Autumn Festival in 2017 in particular: the day the Gregorian calendar in October 4th, not only was the National Day holiday on the "xixiangfeng", and the moon still "Seventeen circle". Astronomy education experts, Tianjin Astronomical Association, said Zhao Zhiheng, the Chinese Chinese provisions Otsuki 30 days, Xiaoyue 29 days, 12 months a year of 354 days or 355 days, more than a few years back in 11 days, 4 years down less than 1 months. As time goes by, there will be strange phenomena of temporal and temporal confusion. In order to solve this problem, with the increase of "leap month" approach. 2017 month in June, not only the Double Ninth Festival, the Qixi Festival postponed, the Mid Autumn Festival is followed after the fault, and the lunar Mid Autumn Festival generally appear in between the Gregorian calendar in September 7th to October 6th, which appeared in the mid autumn festival every day phenomenon. Astronomy experts pointed out that the Mid Autumn Festival is a normal calendar phenomenon. Last appeared in October 3, 2009 (April). According to Xinhua News Agency

明年中秋节为10月4日 与国庆假期上演“喜相逢” “海上生明月,天涯共此时。”今年中秋节不仅距离国庆节很近,而且中秋月还是罕见的“十五的月亮十七圆”。天文专家指出,受“闰月”影响,2017年的中秋节更特别:公历10月4日这个日子,不仅与当年国庆假期上演“喜相逢”,而且中秋月依旧“十七圆”。 天文教育专家、天津市天文学会理事赵之珩说,中国的农历规定大月30天、小月29天,一年12个月共354或355天,比一个回归年的天数少11天左右,4年下来就少了1个多月。久而久之,就会出现时序和天时错乱的怪现象。 为了解决这个问题,便采用增加“闰月”的办法。2017年闰月出现在6月,不仅重阳节、七夕节推迟,中秋节也跟着错后,加之农历中秋节一般出现在阳历9月7日至10月6日之间,从而出现了中秋逢国庆的现象。 天文专家指出,中秋逢国庆是正常历法现象。上一次出现在2009年10月3日(闰四月)。据新华社相关的主题文章: