The men’s subway station is squatting for a few minutes and 8600 yuan is missing (video).-invictus gaming

The men’s subway station has been squatting for a few minutes in the toilet for 8600 yuan, without a few minutes to squat a toilet in the subway. Recently, two latrine youth were captured by the track branch. Two men took five or six cases in the subway toilets. In August 30th, Mr. Gao Wuhan to send their children to University police said more than 3 points in the afternoon, he took the bag into the No. 2 line guangbutun station on the toilet, the toilet behind the counter and got the bag was found missing. Track Police Station Street police station through monitoring, found that before Mr. Gao, two young men went into the toilet empty handed, and after a while, two young men rushed out of the subway with their bags. The police quickly decided that two young men were the suspects. After running out of the A mouth, the two people disappeared in the grass on the edge of the wall of Hua Shi Da. At 12 that night, the police found Mr. Gao’s knapsack in the grass, 8300 yuan in cash was stolen, and the documents and other bags were lost in the grass. The video track, two young people living in the small hotel in wansongyuan community. In the morning of September 6th, the police visited, the residents recognized two suspects, until 12 o’clock noon, two people just walked out of the community, the police were arrested on the spot. After investigation, the suspect 24 year old Wang Xiangyang, a former pickpocket. A 17 year old suspect to Chongqing, is an orphan, living together and aunt. A month ago, two people met in the skating rink. Because two people are unemployed, and idle, hit it off. Later, we learned that the subway toilets were very good, so the two people decided to join hands. To a high responsible for hands-on, Wang. In a month, there were five or six consecutive cases in the subway toilets. At present, three cases have been verified by the police: in July 27th, Qingnian Road station, a male passenger Apple Computer and 1900 yuan cash was stolen. August 3rd, guangbutun station, a male passenger bag stolen, suspect stole 150 yuan, then the bag lost in the China division of an abandoned mailbox. In August 30th, Mr. Gao’s son’s tuition was stolen. For a month, two people will steal the stolen bars, Internet cafes, KTV and so on. At present, two people have been detained in criminal cases. Police have warned that passengers should pay special attention to their bags when they go to the toilet. At the same time, they will suggest to the subway property related departments that the baffles between the cubicles of the subway are lengthened and strengthened so that the thieves will have nowhere to go. At the same time, it is also suggested that a hook should be installed on the door panel so that it is convenient for the citizens to put their bags on the toilet. (reporter Lin Jing correspondent Zhang Zuhua) the girl in Shandong was deceived by 9900 Yuan University and suddenly lost his life

男子地铁站蹲了几分钟厕所 8600元学费没了在地铁蹲个厕所就几分钟,转个身,身后台子上的包包竟然就不见了。近日,轨道分局一举将两名厕所青年抓获。两男子在地铁厕所作案五六起。8 月 30 日,送孩子来武汉上大学的高先生报警称,当天下午 3 点多,他带着挎包进 2 号线广埠屯站上厕所,上完厕所起身拿后方台子上的包包,竟然发现不见了。轨道警方街道口派出所民警通过监控,发现在高先生之前,有两个男青年空手进了厕所,隔了一会,两男青年拎着包飞奔出了地铁口。民警很快确定,两名男青年就是嫌疑人。两人从 A 口跑出后,消失在华师大围墙边上的草丛中。当晚 12 点,民警在草丛里发现了高先生的背包,里面 8300 元现金被偷,证件及其他包内物品被丢在草里。视频追踪发现,两青年住在万松园社区里的小旅馆内。9 月 6 日早上,民警走访,有居民认出了两名嫌疑人,直到中午 12 点,两人刚走出社区,被民警当场逮捕。经查,嫌疑人 24 岁的王某是襄阳人,有扒窃前科。嫌疑人 17 岁的向某是重庆人,是个孤儿,在汉和姑姑一起生活。一个月前,两人在溜冰场结识。因两人无业,且都游手好闲,一拍即合。后来了解到地铁厕所很好偷窃,于是两人决定联手。向某个高负责动手,王某放风。一个月来,地铁厕所内连续作案了五六起。目前经警方核实的有三起:7 月 27 日,青年路站,一男乘客苹果电脑及 1900 元现金被盗。8 月 3 日,广埠屯站,一男乘客包被盗,嫌疑人称偷了里面 150 元,然后包包丢在华师一处废弃的邮箱里。8 月 30 日,高先生儿子的学费被偷。一个月来,两人将偷盗所得到酒吧、网吧、ktv 等挥霍一空,没钱了又继续作案。目前,二人已被刑事拘留。警方提醒,乘客上厕所时,要特别留意自己的包包。同时他们将向地铁物业相关部门建议,将地铁厕所隔间之间的挡板加长加固,让小偷无处下手。同时,也建议在门板上加装挂钩,方便市民如厕时放包。(记者林晶 通讯员张祖华) 山东女孩被骗光9900元大学学费 突然昏厥离世相关的主题文章: