The men’s double 11 back 4000 coins to buy air-conditioning businesses out of 6

The men’s double 11 back 4000 coins to buy air-conditioning businesses out of 6 employees of the original title: Chengdu man back more than 4 thousand coins to buy air-conditioning businesses exhausted 6 employees   the number of businesses are part of the coin coin of Sichuan news network Chengdu on November 12th news (reporter Liu Peipei) today, in a Chengdu electric mall, a special consumer staff word of mouth still occurred yesterday afternoon Mr. Feng’s story. Yesterday at 3 p.m., Mr. Feng carried a backpack with a bag of coins to buy air conditioning, which is already running his third electrical stores, the previous two because of the number of coins too much trouble and rejected him. According to manager Tian Hongrong, they learned that Mr. Feng’s problems, sent 6 employees took more than 2 hours before the final count all the coins, a total of more than 4 thousand medals. There are five coins and a dollar of the two, the total face value of $2899, just can buy a double eleven active price of air-conditioning. Mr. Feng told reporters on the phone today, he can use these coins to buy air conditioning is very happy. According to Mr. Feng, he lives in Chengdu City, engaged in vending machine industry has more than 5 years. And he has the same problem for a long time: how to solve the coins from vending machines? Every one or two months, Mr. Feng was able to take out the three thousand or four thousand coins. I go to the bank will refuse to deal with my business. I only have to go to the supermarket, shopping mall to exchange or buy things." However, Mr. Feng said, slowly, supermarkets and shopping malls are no longer willing to these coins, he is very troubled. This month, he has more than 4 thousand coins in his hand, so yesterday, Mr. Feng ready to use these coins to buy home appliances. "I went to three electrical stores, and two of them refused me, and at last the clerk told me they could collect the coins." "You can’t refuse a customer for trouble." Tian Hongrong told the Sichuan news network reporter, 3 p.m. yesterday, Mr. Feng carried back with a bag of two bags of coins came to the store to buy air conditioning. In order to count the coins, the store sent a total of 6 employees with the number of. It takes more than 2 hours, before the final count all coins. "Count all the coins for more than 2 hours, one yuan coin has five angle and two, a total of more than 4 thousand pieces, a face value of 2899 yuan, just to buy a price of air conditioning activities." Tian Hongrong said, and Mr. Feng to the store in the morning to consult when the anxiety is different, in the afternoon to buy air conditioning, Mr. Feng is very happy. (photo provided by Tian Hongrong) source: Sichuan News Network Editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: