The market sell violence should not blindly buy the dips ten blog market

The market sell violence should not blindly buy the dips ten blog market outlook sina finance Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to guide   Sina Financial News on Thursday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities, the stock index fell 0.23%. After the market opened in the 2900 line over; near midday, two city to accelerate the decline, stock index fell over 3%. Afternoon opening, the decline in the expansion, the stock index fell below the 2800 point; a wavelet rebound, the market once again on panic Shadie, serious banking stocks slightly to support the market failure, saw all the way stock index fell 4%, 5%, 6%, the lowest 6.75%, see 2729.85. Gem fell even more, fell 7.83% in late trading, low 2030 points. On the disk, all two city plates fell, nearly 1400 shares limit, less than 50 shares rose. Dark horse Sniper: Nine bad to thousand shares limit   when everyone looking forward to the two sessions rally, suddenly found a big bad – half of the listed company profit is not enough to buy Beijing Shanghai deep set of luxury, but sell 1% holding enough to buy a few sets. Flowing Chinese cabbage: cash in hand can be continuously VAT gold, the current decline in A shares, making more and more stocks began to have investment value. So many shares of H-shares are greedy. But if you’re going to buy stocks, you might want to see how Buffett did it. Zhou Benquan: isn’t it a good bull rain? Thursday after the crash, Friday after the trend depends on the news today, or tomorrow will fall after the consolidation, but we "wipe out three thousand attack NPC and CPPCC" forecast will change. Li Zhengjin: when the market is replicating 1664, the trend is falling fast in the day, and there is still a decline in the short-term. It is not possible to exclude the possibility that the market will replicate 1664 or 1849 at that time, and the possibility of building a double bottom structure. Seven Lotus Village: one market and then exhausted three and decline, perhaps, from the high point down, it is retail investors have been cleaning out process. Without this process, the retail LED market will never grow up! Reason up! Bald sea stocks: gem is a long line of Shenzhen today began to fuse to perform their duties to prompt risk from the first trading day, the gem from the festival is the most time is behind the motherboard market month. Buddha bless: today is killing   volume decline; the technical point of view, today’s volume fell into panic disc stampede, killing the disk, and not too many factors can influence. MR: inside the ultimate secret because the technology crash scenes appeared on the "Yin Yang swallow more" bad form, therefore, short-term adjustment pattern has been formed, and in short tone nodes, retail should choose carefully re cautious. Stock observers: the third batch of dips army from today and almost The whole army was wiped out., is about 1500 limit, deduction of individual messages shares, individual time shares and banks and other heavyweights, almost across the board limit. It should be said that the whole big slump, is to bring the third batch of hunters kill the full army. Pick up these: only favorable policies to stabilize the 大盘暴力杀跌不宜盲目抄底 十大博客看后市 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导     新浪财经讯 周四,沪深两市低开,沪指跌0.23%。开盘后大盘在2900一线争持;临近午盘,两市加速下跌,沪指跌超3%。午后开盘,两市跌幅扩大,沪指跌破2800点;一小波企稳回升后,大盘再次杀跌,场内恐慌气氛严重,银行股小幅护盘失败,只见沪指一路跌4%、5%、6%,最低跌6.75%,低见2729.85点。创业板跌幅更甚,尾盘曾跌7.83%,低见2030点。盘面上,两市所有板块全部下跌,近1400股跌停,不到50股上涨。   黑马狙击:九大利空致千股跌停   当大家都憧憬两会反弹行情时,突然发现爆出重大利空――近半上市公司利润不够买京沪深一套豪宅,但卖掉1%持股就够买几套了。   流水白菜:手上有现金的 可以不断大桶接金了   目前A股的下跌,使得越来越多的股票开始有投资价值。使得H股很多股票令人贪婪。但准备买股票的,不妨看看巴菲特当年是如何应对的。   周本泉:不是说好的“牛市雨”吗?   周四暴跌之后,周五走势取决于今天的盘后消息面,否者明天将跌后盘整,但我们“荡平三千迎两会”的预判暂且不作更改。   李正金:市场在复制1664时走势   由于日内跌速快,短线还有下跌,不排除市场复制1664或1849当时走势、构筑双底结构的可能。   七莲村:大盘一而再 再而竭 三而衰   也许,从高点下来,正是散户不断被清理出场的过程。没有这个过程,散户主导的市场永远不会长大起来!理性起来!   股海光头:创业板是今日长阴线导火索   从节后的首个交易开始深交所履行职责开始提示风险,而创业板从节后大部分时间都是都是落后月主板市场。   佛佑:今日放量下跌是多杀多    技术面来看,今日放量下跌,为恐慌盘踩踏,多杀多的盘面,并没有太多的技术因素能够左右。   金戈:揭密终极暴跌幕后天机   由于技术上出现了“一阴吞多阳”的恶劣形态,因此,短线调整格局也已形成,而在短调节点,散户应选择谨慎再谨慎。   股票观察员:第三批抄底大军近乎全军覆没   从今天看,又是大约1500家跌停,扣除个别消息股、极个别次新股和银行等大权重股,几乎全线跌停。应当说,此次全线大暴跌,就是为了把第三批抄底大军全面杀光。   拾金客:只有利好政策才能稳住大盘   今天两市出现了大幅杀跌的格局,沪指跌破2800点后大盘并没有企稳,但是2700点能不能止跌还是未知数,对于接下来的走势我个人认为只有利好才能稳定大盘。   (江山)     点击查看更多博文 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: