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The man did not expect to break the law checked pulls out rape case bottom as we all know, conformity electric vehicles have to ride in the non motor vehicle lane, but now a lot of people is not to travel by road. This does not, the day before yesterday morning 10 am, Licheng Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police in Kaiyuan City West, West Loop hillock, stopped conformity electric vehicles under the motor vehicle lanes into a. This would have been a very common thing, however, when the police questioned the normal, but found the man a little strange! After being stopped by police, the man called to the post survey. In the face of police questioning, the man looked calm, casually reported a name. Scene: VS police man police: fortress or Licheng? Man: Luojiang. Policeman: what’s your name? Man: Liu Qingming. Traffic police: no such information. Man: driving license has not been taken over in his. Police: can not find your name card to write about. The man surnamed Liu claimed, petite, looks at the age of more than and 30, taking into account the likely cause the query to accent, the police let him write down the relevant identity information. Scene: VS police traffic police: which year was born? Man: I forgot that. The name is not on the number, ID card did not bring, and even their own birth date do not remember, it is too strange! Looks like the man is a bit of a problem! It is not to tell the truth, this is forced out of police Milo artifact! Licheng Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police Ke Jianqing Kaiyuan "then we use the face recognition function check. That’s another name. Just started comparing the name and he said the name of a lot of difference, but I like the picture and display, we have to confirm, called his name, he said, before them the name of his cousin." According to the inquiry, the man surnamed Liu claimed, in fact, is surnamed Yang, 36 years old this year, from Guizhou, was arrested for rape case, the public security organs to be listed as fugitives online. Be found in identity, he seemed very flustered. Police, Yang working in Quanzhou, do decoration industry, last year because of a hand injury back home treatment in Guizhou. It is understood that in August 8th last year, a woman in Guizhou, Tongren, told the police that he was a man claiming to be doing business trick home, forced sexual relations. The police investigation found that Yang Mouyou major crime suspects, at present, Yang Kaiyuan has been handed over to the police station, the case is under further investigation. >相关的主题文章: