The man broke into the cage in the zoo with the panda is a few minutes after the pressure cut and ru

The man broke into the cage in the zoo with the panda is a few minutes after the pressure cut and run new network – keeper Zhou Lihong across the cage to the zoo panda feeding. Photo Beijing Huashan October 30 Nanchang Xinhua (reporter Su Huashan Road) 30 pm, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, the zoo said to the media briefing, the 27 day at 16:41 in the afternoon, a young man without crossing the fence, the sports field into the zoo giant panda museum outside, the rest are flirting with the giant panda, giant panda was hold down. Then the man was lucky to escape, and climb fled the scene. The scene did not cause harm to the panda and the man. "The man into the panda cage, found that the giant panda is resting, he stepped forward to tease, touch, this panda to respond, it hands hold the man’s legs, then slowly overwhelm him, and the panda mutual stalemate about five minutes." Kuang Huaming, deputy director of the office of the Nanchang zoo, said in a replay of the monitor screen, told reporters. Reporters learned that this giant panda for the male, this year has been 12 years old, weighing more than two hundred pounds. The monitor screen display of the zoo, the man is in the giant panda to pour under pressure in the body after a few minutes, take the time out of panda do not pay attention to success, trousers turned to gallop, climbed out of the fence and ran away. Free Panda Man pressed trousers and ran away. Nanchang City Zoo photo Kuang Hua said, after the incident, the zoo veterinarian immediately organized physical examination for pandas, let growers close observation on it, but the situation is normal. According to the scene of the crowd of tourists, man jumped out of the cage, but looked flustered, leaving traces of tear clothes, the body is not injured, and quickly disappeared in the escape from the cage after missing. Nanchang zoo panda keeper Zhou Lihong told reporters, although pandas mainly live on bamboo, but it still belongs to the carnivorous animal, powerful claws and fangs if attacked, the consequences are difficult to predict. For the sake of safety, the giant panda is feeding breeder in isolation cage operation. "We have contingency plans related to the zoo park, once the incident occurred, we moving pipe section of the staff, including the park leadership, security will be in the shortest possible time to conduct on-site emergency disposal." At the same time, Kwong Huaming also said that visitors at the zoo to visit the intrusion may cause serious damage and its animal, therefore, in any zoo over the railing, trespass cage is strictly prohibited. (end)相关的主题文章: