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Health Addiction is developing to a worldwide problem and alcohol addiction is developing into a big dilemma due to the wide distribution and legal property of beverages with alcoholic content. The term alcoholism’ has different definitions. Generally, alcoholism is the word that describes the condition that is caused by the constant intake of liquor. Medically, alcoholism is referred to as an illness that is caused by a continuous drinking of alcoholic drinks despite several unpleasant consequences. One should not be confused with the mere drinking of liquor with the clinical descriptions of alcoholism. It is true that the definition of alcoholism is directly related to the consumption of liquor but the frequency and the quantity of alcohol drinking are the essential .ponents that are used to determine if a person is encountering alcoholism or not. The side-effects of alcohol addiction are categorized into two sets: the long-term effects and the short-term effects. It is known that alcohols, especially ethanol, are probable central nervous system (CNS) tranquilizers. The degree of toxicity depends on various factors. For example, the level of toxicity is less when alcohol is drank after having lunch as .pared to the level of toxicity when the alcohol is consumed with an empty stomach. In terms of hydration, the level of toxicity is less if the alcohol is added first with water before intake. The effects of alcohol in the human body are said to be biphasic’. The term biphasic describes the side-effects of alcohol consumption that changes from time to time. Alcohol initially causes joy and .placency. Too much consumption of alcohol may lead to blurred vision and coordination .plications. Biologically, when alcohol is took in, it is delivered to the blood vessels and is discharged to all biological tissues in the human body. (A) CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE: The people who take in alcoholic drinks may develop lots of heart .plications. Acute myocardial infarction or congestive heart failure may take place if the alcohol addiction goes on. (B) LIVER DISORDER: Numerous liver-related illnesses may take place due to alcohol addiction. Types of liver diseases that results from alcohol intake are fatty change, progressive inflammatory liver injury, liver fibrosis, and liver cirrhosis. (C) CANCER: Various kinds of cancers like leukemia, melanoepithelioma, prostate cancer and anaplastic carcinoma may exist because of alcohol intake. (D) OTHERS: Alcohol consumption may may lead to overweightness and fatal alcohol syndrome that leads into the failure of the central nervous system. Determination of Alcoholism (1) Screening: The screenings are usually self-reports that are intended to determine the presence of alcoholism addiction. The different kinds of substantial screening methods are CAGE Questionnaire, ADD Questionnaire, Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test, AUDIT Questionnaire, and the Paddington Alcohol Test. (2) Urine and blood examinations: By testing the urine and the blood of the subjected person, the status of alcohol addiction will probably be recognized. Alcohol addiction may be examined through several indicators that includes red blood cell enlargement, GGTP elevation, SGOT and ALT ratio, and CDT elevation. (3) Others: A number of methods including the determination of the ge.ic predisposition or the DSM Diagnosis are intended to determine the alcohol addiction degree and the level of toxicity. Like the treatment for drug addiction, the treatment alcoholism addiction is also classified into two different sections which are alcohol detox and advising. The mentioned treatment processes have to be performed concurrently. By performing the detox procedures, the body of the addictive person is detoxified. By performing the advising or the intervention processes, the addictive may be convinced to give up alcohol addiction. It is necessary to pass on the necessary information about the detrimental effects of alcohol consumption to the mind and the body of the people in order to lessen the number of people who are addicted to alcohol. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: