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The main feature: when the female passers-by do "unremarkable" shine on the main methods of "female passers-by" (hereinafter referred to as the "female passers-by master") this time, should be regarded as a topic quite famous last year made it ~ adaptation is divided in "deep circle", "thirty no writer" old nickname Hu Shi Ming teacher pill (also a generation two dimensional God "White Album 2" script, "white" the true founder of W) of the same name, light novels, is around the male will humble actress (Sheng) and rattan (ren) benefits to make really, actress "launch a romantic comedy. Unlike most of the similar works, although there are quite a few "label" female characters — black long straight tongue literature girl temperament black silk sister ah ~ golden double ponytail playfully mixed childhood sweetheart and so on. But so many typical shine two dimensional brilliant adorable girl, still the enemy but the heroine Megumi Kato such an unremarkable at first glance, there is no relevant points and two dimensions of "women passers-by adorable". It is said that this is because I always love the teacher Marui shaped complex, the story, do not know what do you think of the female angle (Qin) (NV) (ER), but found that the color of this kind of woman anyway but has a black silk big fight playfully two dimension attributes, but no matter how carefully description of female characters, even the story both abused by black. This made the teacher very open apricot at the same time, it had produced a "female passers-by master" such as their own pro daughters "revenge" works of XD~ so it can be said that a major part of this work is: look at the other works must be sought after two female characters in the so-called no dimension attribute "Adorable", there is a sense of the thin woman passerby Lord Megumi Kato eat shriveled! (laugh if you watch the role for popularity, have to say, Mr. Marui is also a successful basic ambition ~ even to the derivative project circles set ~ Megumi Kato figures of both quantity and quality are far more than the other two NvZhu ~ and also less some of the other hand "". The value of 1 million 980 thousand yen, or about 100 thousand yuan price so go buy is also very good, once because too many people and an additional order limit the number of purchase. After that, because the Chinese in Po (TU) cut (Hao) and the purchase of a push on the map of the incident caused a lot of attention. It even caused attention – WWW to the original author Qi people deep Twilight after forwarding comments: "good……" Not to mention the other ordinary Japanese netizens have expressed:"…… This is the image of an oil tycoon in my head." "Hey, Kato E had to wear, no sense of violation in this room." "I really don’t know how to describe my feelings." (Note: the nouveau riche in friendship micro-blog also have account (oh ~ ~ ", ~ID) is fresh with young month, interested you can go to XD~) well, of course P相关的主题文章: