The legend of a ton of soil force! How strong is the eruption of Gordon-doat

A ton of ground force in the legend! Gordon outbreak is how strong (Figure) at sina sports news Aaron – Gordon and Zach – as this year’s all star dunk contest of the century is impressive, although Aaron Gordon eventually lost Zach Lavin missed the championship, but he let the whole the world will remember the full power of the young man. How strong is the explosive power of Aaron Gordon? Look at the picture above, and you’ve got a good idea. Magic away 76 people yesterday in the game, while Aaron Gordon got 11 points and 11 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals and 1 blocks of data, with the team, Wu Raicevic 35 – carat 9 rebounds and 4 assists far, but his destructive daylight. In the game, his shoes were torn by his powerful explosive force, and the whole foot almost showed! The new Brandon Jennings was stunned! The net friend was shocked too! You are such a fire also wearing a cargo? "This is Gordon is a shoe?" Some netizens said with a smile. Of course, this is a joke, NBA player’s shoes are factory direct supply, can not be "from Chinese", but Aaron Gordon’s enormous ground force remarkable! There was a NBA commentary saying, "the maximum strength of the NBA players can reach one ton."!" I don’t know if it’s true, but I saw Gordon’s shoes today. Believe it or not, anyway, I believe it! If you don’t believe it, ask the poor shoe. (Yin Chengyuan)

传说中的一吨蹬地力! 戈登的爆发是有多强(图) 惊了   新浪体育讯  阿隆-戈登与扎克-拉文在今年的全明星扣篮大赛上的世纪大战令人印象深刻,阿隆-戈登尽管最终不敌扎克-拉文无缘总冠军,但是他让全世界都记住了这个爆发力十足的小伙子。   阿隆-戈登的爆发力到底有多强?看看上面这张图,你就有了充分的认识。   昨天魔术客场挑战76人的比赛中,尽管阿隆-戈登只得到11分11篮板3助攻3抢断1盖帽的数据,与队友尼克拉-武切维奇35分9篮板4助攻的数据相差甚远,但是他的破坏力彰显无遗。比赛中,他的球鞋竟然被他强大的爆发力撕裂,整个脚掌几乎都要露出来了!新来的布兰登-詹宁斯都惊呆了!网友也惊呆了! 你都这么火了还穿A货?   “难道戈登这个球鞋是A货?”有网友笑言。这当然只是一句玩笑,NBA球员的鞋子都是厂家直供,不可能“来自中国”,但是,阿隆-戈登巨大的蹬地力量可见一斑!   曾有NBA解说在比赛中说“NBA球员最大的蹬地力量可达一吨!”,不知道是否属实,但是,今天看了戈登的鞋子,不管了信不信,反正我是信了!不信,你去问那只可怜的鞋子。   (殷承元)相关的主题文章: