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Latest broker research reports 2000 companies in three industries highly focused Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money according to incomplete statistics, during the period from September 1st to October 9th, released a total of 2008 brokerage company research report, from the SW level industry, computer research report the mechanical, chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, utilities and electrical equipment company with more than 100 copies. Below, the small series of research reports will be distributed to the largest number of computers, machinery and chemical industry companies to sort out the research report to see what is noteworthy information. The computer industry: 39 brokerage research of listed companies since September 1st, the brokerage company released the 178 Computer Industry Research Report of the company, involving 60 listed companies. From the view of securities issued research report number, Haitong Securities issued 19 reports topped the list, followed by Societe Generale Securities and securities, issued 10 copies of the research report. China Merchants Securities, Changjiang Securities and securities issued a number of XinDa Ltd. research report was 9, ranking. From the coverage of listed companies point of view, there are 19 good technology brokerage company research report covering the research report, the computer sector company most of the listed companies, branch Jin Choi, 10 ehualu and netposa were 9 copies, and brokerage company research report focuses on the listed company. With good technology as an example, Changjiang Securities, securities, Haitong Securities and XinDa have issued a 3 card Hang Seng company research report, the card Hang Seng to "strongly recommended" rating, Changjiang Securities and securities XinDa were given "overweight" rating. The main reason why the card Hang Seng to "strongly recommended" rating is a wholly owned subsidiary of the new company in September 19th announcement are signed intelligent rail transportation BT project contract with Guangzhou subway project, the amount of 374 million yuan. Steady growth in the company’s performance is expected, the extension is expected to be strong, smart transportation and smart city business market share is expected to further enhance. Machinery industry: 171 reports covering 69 listed companies in machinery industry 171 brokerage company research report, CRE securities ranked 18 company research report, Societe Generale Securities 17 copies, 13 copies of GF Securities, Guotai Junan 11 copies, 10 copies of Sealand securities etc. in the forefront. The 171 brokerage company research report, there are 9 reports covering the Kaiyuan instrument, is the focus of the machinery industry brokerage stocks. In addition, there are 8 copies of Su Shi brokerage company research report on the experiment, the science and technology, and has 7 photoelectric distance Kodak gas brokerage Research Report covering. Kaiyuan instrument as an example, CITIC Securities, China Securities, Societe Generale Securities, state securities and securities brokerage "for the first time to give a buy rating. The main reason of CITIC Securities is given, due to macroeconomic and growth factors such as the impact of the coal industry, coal quality testing business in recent years show a downward trend, to enhance the sustainable profitability, the company intends to construct a recombinant "education + instrument" double main industry pattern. The company teamed up with constant rate in education, talent theory相关的主题文章: