The Japanese government to JDI don’t rely on Apple does not reduce the investment sweets parade

The Japanese government to JDI: without reducing the dependence on Apple don’t want to invest in Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, recently, apple screen supplier JDI (Japan Display Corporation) by the Japanese government to abdicate, if the company is unable to reduce dependence on apple and the strength of their own profitability, they will lose behind the gold master of Japanese innovation the network company (INCJ, led by the Japanese government support). Japan’s minister of economic and industry minister recently said that if JDI can not prove themselves, continue to be satisfied with Apple’s parts suppliers, will lose INCJ investment. In May this year, JDI reported, the intelligent mobile phone market demand is reduced, the last fiscal year, a net loss of $294 million, a record over the past two years the worst performance. Previously, JDI was once removed half of iPhone’s screen orders, but with the decline in iPhone sales, the company’s high dependence on Apple’s shortcomings have become the heart of the Japanese government and INCJ. "The current situation is that Apple cough, suppliers have to follow the medication, JDI can not go on like this." Japan’s MITI minister said. In 2012, under the leadership of INCJ, SONY, Hitachi and Toshiba’s display manufacturing business merged into the current JDI. Right now, INCJ is JDI’s largest shareholder, owns 35.6% of the company’s shares. According to WSJ reports, Japan’s Ministry of planning minister JDI two future: one is to controlled by the Japanese, the other one is sold to foreign buyers. "Japan should not be immersed in parts processing business, we should focus on building the world’s most sophisticated technology." METI minister said. Although Japan for domestic enterprises has a protective attitude, but failed to stop the SHARP acquisition of Foxconn, while Japan was involved in bid for SHARP is JDI, but the company can not give Foxconn offer. In order to continue to get the support of INCJ, JDI is exploring a new diversification strategy, their eyes will no longer focus on smart phones. At the same time, said the company is actively financing, in order to speed up the development of the OLED screen, iPhone screen grab orders next year. (compile sharp) Tencent known institutions account opening technology! Do you dare to flop, I dare to answer in the know you.相关的主题文章: