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The inter coach is not the money wage arrears! The money is a sports reporter + inter Wang Qin Bo Italy reported in November 8th, the former Lazio coach Pioli officially became the new boss of Milan international. In fact, two days before the candidates have been identified, has not been announced, and Pioli with former club on the subject of money passing on. A few months can not solve the problem, now released faster than outsiders imagine: in the afternoon of November 7th, Lazio Gentile announced that lawyers are preparing the contract, the morning of November 8th, Pioli and Lazio have signed the contract. It is also informed the media in November 8th, Lazio started didn’t pay Pioli salary from July this year! Pioli is the April 3, 2016 Rome derby defeat after being sacked, despite his contract until the end of June 2017, President Claudio Lotito is from the beginning of July this year did not pay him 1 cents. Obviously, Lotito is betting that the team coach and then find Piorry fried. Monday Gentile lawyer at Lotito behest for termination of the agreement, is to abandon all Piorry wages from the beginning of July this year, whether it is in arrears, or part of the future until June 2017. In other words, 1 cents this season will not give Pioli. Gentile lawyers in the drafting of the agreement when there is obviously hesitant, said, I am ready to the provisions of the specific conditions of the time when Lotito and the president to discuss the determination of the". Lotito probably thought that Pioli would be the wage arrears dispute with him for a long time, so he could not drag Pioli surrender, claiming that 48 hours officially announced the manager international Milan anxious. However, in order to successfully signed Milan international, Piorry simply accepted Lotito’s terms. This international Milan in November 8th announced the same day the manager, you can re Ollie skin in November 9th did not participate in the national team training players started led. Football transfer market website revealed that Pioli in the rest of the season will get 1 million euros from the international tax Milan, next season’s salary is after tax of $1 million 500 thousand. In addition, Milan has taken the premier international approach, and Pioli agreed on the amount of liquidated damages, if she fired Pioli, only to pay the liquidated damages, without having to bear all the remaining salary to the end of the contract. Italy sports television reporter Pedura revealed that the loss of 4 months in the salary of the loss of Lotito, the international Milan will give him a complement to the. This news has not yet been confirmed by other media.相关的主题文章: