The implementation of the tourism law is 3rd anniversary eleven why the low price troupe is s-w-inds.

The implementation of the tourism law 3rd Anniversary eleven why many still are low-cost mess — Hainan windows — in October 2013 the implementation of the tourism law stipulates that travel agencies not to organize tours unreasonably low prices, lured tourists, and by arranging shopping or paying for other tourism projects get kickbacks and other improper benefits. In three years, especially during the holidays, all are out to rectify Lowballing travel chaos. However, the "eleven" during the golden week, Xinhua news agency Xinhua viewpoint reporter in Beijing, Fujian, Jiangxi and other tourist attractions survey found that there are still a lot of people under the guise of unreasonable price continue to operate advance secretly by an unknown path, group, disguised forced tourists shopping. Don’t leave scare tourists shopping, "Ming Dynasty Tombs too Chi" and "eleven" period, the reporter found that in many interviews, low-cost travel repeated. In Beijing, the "one day tour" of the the Great Wall VIP line is 240 yuan per person, and the reporter spends only 100 yuan on "one day tour". In Fujian, journalists signed up for the 2 day tour of Fujian’s 2 day tour group with a price of 448 yuan, describing all the costs of eating, living and doing. The tour guide counted the account for the journalist. The cost of the whole trip was more than 585 yuan. However, the number of packages, tickets, meals, and tour guides provided by many travel agencies was only 200 yuan to 400 yuan. In Jiangsu, a 398 yuan "Fujian 6 day tour" launched by China Kang Hui Suzhou international travel agency not only includes food, housing and travel, but also promises to give 455 yuan worth of scenic spots and performance tickets. The personal experience of journalists found that these lower cost groups were in a lot of chaos. ??? false propaganda. The reporter saw in Beijing, Xidan, Tiananmen square, Wangfujing and other places, some people openly distributed "tour" of small ads, at the price of 50 yuan to 150 yuan Lanke group. Top printed with "Beijing tourism hub" China international travel service "and" Chinese Youth Travel Service ", appears to be very formal. The reporter through a marked "travel" small advertisement application s the Great Wall tour 5 days. The tour guide, but said he is actually a "Manhattan Acer travel agency". "You are a joke," one of the tourist guides said naked. "Do you believe in small ads?" No exaggeration, how do you come to sign up? " ??? forced shopping to get kickbacks. In the the Great Wall tour, the tour guide Ming Dynasty Tombs attractions in less than 1 minutes, a sudden turn, stretching from Ming Dynasty Tombs to the underground palace of the jade, continue to give visitors indoctrination uses and benefits of jade, then asked the visitors walk around the three area of jade city to receive coupons to, or do not eat. 2 day tour of Wuyishan, tour guide after the second half began to speed up the play rhythm, said some of the attractions of "not worth" and hastily skip, there are two scenic spots directly to give up, eventually make the whole afternoon let you shopping. "You are a low price group, so shopping is more important. The car’s gone. You can’t go anywhere. " The guide said. Finally, two tourists bought a silk quilt worth 1000 yuan, and the tour guide allowed the league members to leave. ??? tourists reduce their travel. On the one day tour of the the Great Wall in Beijing, Jiao’s tour guide constantly instills the tourists: the Great Wall is the same, where you can see. But Ming Dynasty Tombs would not go, there was too heavy, if the camera when the Ming emperor suddenly appeared, you can encounter this kind of bad luck in play time thing? And what about the underground palace in Ming Dynasty Tombs, in case of a landslide? As a result, only 1 of the 7 scenic spots on the original trip ended in a hurry. The tour guide even nonsensical, it stays in the vehicle? Jade City, she was facing the visitor said: "you see, here is the Ming Dynasty Tombs, can see the rise." All the chaos still faces four difficult and reporters learned that behind the unreasonably low group of chaos, and is facing four major problems. – it is difficult to obtain evidence. Beijing municipal government civilian hotline staff said that the illegal "one day tour" complaints need to have invoices, agreements and other related materials. The reporter found in the the Great Wall tour, after the end of the trip only a "Beijing tourism agreement" as evidence, is inscribed at the "Beijing tourism center fit" seal, could not find the complaint. In Jiangxi Wuyuan, villages and shops are numerous and dispersed, Wuyuan tourism department heads to reflect, low-cost group often "elusive", dealt with difficulty. The villagers were unbearable and protested to the tour group, but the other side changed to the village at four or five in the morning and left a pile of garbage. – it is difficult to define. Fujian, a travel agency general manager Zhang Kai said, the tourism law, not to lure tourists, get kickbacks and other improper benefits "by arranging shopping or surcharge tourism projects, but the actual operation is difficult to define what is" trick ", it is difficult to get evidence to prove that there is a" shopping rebate". In addition, although there are requirements "shall specify the specific shopping", but the law also added that "the parties or tourists, and does not affect the other tourist itinerary except", thus, low-cost group won the survival law of grey space. – it is difficult to enforce the law. Beijing City Management Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau staff said that the investigation of illegal "one day tour" can only be hit on the spot. Because the illegal business people are scattered and hidden, the law enforcement force is relatively weak at present. When we complain, we should inform the accurate location of the "black tour guide" bus, and only send the territorial law enforcement team to deal with it. In addition, it is difficult for the tourist sites and the tourist destinations to form the joint force of attack. Wang Hui, the head of the joint law enforcement and dispatching center of Wuyuan tourism market, said that under the attack of the three level government departments in Jiangxi, the low price group was not found in Wuyuan during this year’s national day. But this kind of low price group is often organized by Anhui, Hubei, Hunan and other provincial travel agencies to organize guest sources, and contact the Jiangxi travel agency as a ground connection. Because the group group and the tourist destination are not in Wuyuan, even if the tourist meets the problem, the relevant departments of Wuyuan are also very difficult to investigate and deal with. – some tourists are "cheap". Reporters learned that some visitors first came to Beijing, think to spend a hundred dollars a tour of the Great Wall, even if it is sitting on the bus trip back to watch is worth. Ms. Liu, from Yunnan, said: "I just signed up for small advertising. I didn’t have a view of the scenery. It’s just fun." And the money in her own pocket, not even the money?" Most visitors to the low price group said that prices were the main considerations for their choice. Chen Guoxin, a tourist from Zhangzhou, Fujian, reported a 200 yuan Wuyishan 2 day tour, arranged two trips, but he didn’t know before. "When I went to the group, I looked at the low price, and the rest didn’t care too much." He said. Out of the extensive development mode of tourism China future research association Liu Simin said to the tourism industry, tourism law has been implemented for three years, zero cost model convergence, but there are still signs of a stirring among the dry bones. "If it is not possible to eliminate the realistic basis for the existence of an irrational low price group, any renovation will inevitably be inevitable." Reporters took part in the day tour of the Great Wall, Jiao’s tour guide bluntly: "I’ll take you one day, the boss only gives 100 yuan, tourists do not buy things, where do I earn money?" Zhang Kai admitted that many of the current tourism products are priced by the bidding mode, which is designed by travel agencies, and then quoted by various guides, sometimes trying to lower the price competition. "This is the result of the vicious competition in the tourist market." "At present, China’s tourism industry has not yet come out of the extensive model of development. The competition between travel agencies is not based on cost and quality, but by cutting the price competition to snatch the market and attract consumers. Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics research center of modern ecological civilization and Chinese tourism director Cao Guoxin pointed out that, on the one hand, in many parts of the tourism product homogeneity, the same products and services, travel agencies can only rely on the price to attract more tourists; on the other hand, China’s consumer market is not fully mature, especially in some older tourists the main consideration of the price, and not pay attention to the quality of tourism, has become the main target customers low-cost group. Liu Simin believes that the tourism industry to the healthy development, need three. First of all, enterprises should adapt to the market and do a good job in the adjustment and upgrading of the product structure. The travel agency should make clear the industry positioning, accurately segment the market, provide diversified and differentiated products and services for different levels, different levels and different needs. Secondly, the government should do well in the industry regulation and regulation. Tourism, public security, industry and Commerce and other relevant departments to form a joint force, according to the price law, tourism law and other laws and regulations, to travel products and prices to strengthen supervision, and increase monitoring of large scale shopping mall, standardize the service behavior; third, tourists need to change the concept of consumption, not only than the price, more than quality. Forced from the demand side to promote the healthy competition and healthy development of tourism market. (commissioning editor Chen Haiyan and Jiang Chengliu) 旅游法实施3周年 十一为何多地仍现低价团乱象–人民网海南视窗–人民网   我国2013年10月实施的旅游法明确规定,旅行社不得以不合理的低价组织旅游活动,诱骗旅游者,并通过安排购物或者另行付费旅游项目获取回扣等不正当利益。   三年来,尤其是节假日期间,各地纷纷重拳出击整顿低价揽客等旅游乱象。但是,“十一”黄金周期间,新华社“新华视点”记者赴北京、福建、江西等多地旅游景点调查发现,仍有不少人打着各种幌子暗度陈仓,继续经营不合理低价团、变相强迫游客购物。   不购物不许离开,吓唬游客“十三陵阴气太重”   “十一”期间,记者在多地采访发现,低价旅游屡禁不止。   在北京,长城贵宾专线“一日游”对外报价是每人240元,记者仅花100元参加了“一日游”。   在福建,记者4日网上报名参加了武夷山2日游的散客团,标价448元,写明包吃、住、行等所有费用。导游给记者算了一笔账,整个行程成本超过585元,不过,多家旅行社提供的包联票、吃、住和导游的线路全程报价仅200元到400元。   在江苏,由中国康辉苏州国际旅行社推出的一款只要398元的“福建6日游”,不仅包吃、住、行,而且承诺另外赠送价值455元的景区和演出门票。   记者亲身体验发现,这些低于成本的低价团乱象多多。   ??虚假宣传招揽客人。记者在北京西单、天安门广场、王府井等地看到,有人公然散发“一日游”小广告,以50元至150元不等的价格揽客组团。上边印有“北京旅游集散中心”“中国国际旅行社总社”“中国青年旅行社总社”等字样,看似很正规。   记者5日通过一个标有“国旅”的小广告报名参团长城一日游。游览中,导游却又称自己实际上是“万泰宏基旅行社”。一名焦姓导游赤裸裸地说:“你们这些游客真是笑话,小广告你们也相信啊?不夸大宣传,你们怎么会来报名?”   ??强迫购物获取回扣。在长城一日游中,导游介绍十三陵景点情况不到1分钟,突然话锋一转,从十三陵地下宫殿的玉器延伸开来,不断给游客灌输玉器的用途和好处,随后要求游客逛完玉城的三个展区后才能领取到餐券,不然就没饭吃。   武夷山2日游中,导游后半程开始加快游玩节奏,称一些景点“没看头”而草草略过,还有两个景点直接放弃,最终腾出了一整个下午让大家购物。   “你们这是低价团,所以购物比较重要。反正车开走了,你们哪也去不了。”导游说。最后,有两位游客分别购买了一套价值1000元的真丝被套,导游才允许团员离开。   ??忽悠游客减少行程。在北京长城一日游的路上,焦姓导游不断向游客灌输:长城都一样,看哪里都行。不过十三陵就不能去,那里阴气太重,要是拍照的时候明皇帝突然现身,你们总不能在游玩的时候碰到这种晦气的事吧?而且,十三陵地下宫殿万一塌方怎么办?结果,原来行程说好的7个景点,只看了1个就匆匆结束。   导游甚至睁眼说瞎话,车辆明明停留在?翠玉城,她却对着游客说:“你们看,这里就是十三陵,抬头就能看到。”   种种乱象犹存,查处仍面临“四难”   记者采访了解到,不合理低价团的乱象背后,是查处面临四大难题。   --取证难。北京市政府便民热线工作人员称,非法“一日游”投诉需要有发票、协议等相关材料。而记者在参加长城一日游中发现,行程结束后仅有一张“北京旅游协议书”作为证据,落款处是“北京旅游散客中心”盖章,根本找不到投诉对象。   在江西婺源,村庄和购物店众多且分散,婺源旅游部门负责人反映,低价团往往“神出鬼没”,查处难度大。村民不堪其扰,向旅行团多次抗议,但对方改为清晨四五点钟悄悄进村,留下一堆垃圾就走了。   --界定难。福建省一家旅行社总经理张楷透露,旅游法规定,不得“诱骗旅游者,通过安排购物或者另行付费旅游项目获取回扣等不正当利益”,但实际操作的时候很难界定什么是“诱骗”,也很难抓到证据证明“购物是有回扣”。此外,虽然也有要求“不得指定具体购物场所”,但这一法条又补充说明“经双方协商一致或者旅游者要求,且不影响其他旅游者行程安排的除外”,如此一来,低价团获得了生存下去的法律灰色空间。   --执法难。北京市城市管理综合行政执法局工作人员表示,查处非法“一日游”只能现场出击。由于非法经营人员分散,隐蔽性强,目前执法力量相对薄弱,投诉时要告知“黑导游”大巴车的准确位置,并且只能派属地执法队处理。   此外,客源地和旅游地难以形成打击合力也给集中整治带来难度。婺源县旅游市场联合执法调度中心负责人王晖说,在江西省市县三级政府部门打击下,今年国庆期间没有在婺源发现低价团现象。但这类低价团往往由安徽、湖北、湖南等省旅行社组织客源,联系江西旅行社作为地接社。由于组团社和客源地都不在婺源,即使游客遇到问题,婺源有关部门查处也很困难。   --部分游客“贪便宜”。记者采访了解到,有些游客初次来北京,认为花百十来块钱游个长城,哪怕是坐上一趟来回的大巴看看热闹也值得。来自云南的刘女士说:“我就是冲着小广告便宜才报名的,本来也没抱看风景的心态,就是好玩而已。而且钱捂在自己口袋,难不成还要抢钱?”   多数参加低价团的受访游客表示,价格是他们做选择时主要考虑的因素。来自福建漳州的游客陈国欣报了一个200多元的武夷山2日游,行程中安排了两次购物,但是他之前并不知道。“我报团的时候就是看价格低,其他也没有太在意。”他说。   旅游业要走出粗放型发展模式   中国旅游未来研究会常务理事刘思敏表示,旅游法实施已满三年,零负团费模式有所收敛,但多地仍有死灰复燃的迹象。“如果不能消除不合理低价团赖以存在的现实基础,任何整治活动最终都难免治标不治本。”   记者参加长城一日游时的焦姓导游直言:“我带你们一天,老板只给100块钱,游客不买东西,我哪有钱赚?”张楷坦言,当前许多旅游产品的定价采用的是竞标模式,由旅行社设计产品,然后各个导游报价,有时极力压低价格竞争接团。“这是旅游市场恶性竞争的结果。”   “目前我国的旅游业还未走出粗放型的发展模式。旅行社之间的竞争不是靠成本和质量,而是通过削价竞争来抢夺市场和吸引消费者。”江西财经大学生态文明与现代中国研究中心旅游所所长曹国新指出,一方面,当前许多地方的旅游产品同质化严重,同样的产品和服务,旅行社只能靠价格来吸引更多的游客;另一方面,我国的消费市场也没有完全成熟,尤其是一些年纪大的游客主要考虑价格,而不注重旅游品质,成为低价团的主要目标客户。   刘思敏认为,旅游业若要健康发展,需要三管齐下。   首先,企业要顺应市场做好产品结构调整升级。旅行社要明确行业定位,准确细分市场,为不同层次、不同等级、不同需求的游客提供多样化、差异化的产品和服务;其次,政府要做好行业监管和规范。旅游、公安、工商等相关部门要形成合力,根据价格法、旅游法等法律法规,对旅行社的产品、价格等加强监管,并加大对大型购物场所的监控,规范其服务行为;第三,游客需要转变消费观念,不仅仅比价格,更要比质量,从需求端倒逼、促进旅游市场健康竞争与良性发展。 (责编:陈海燕、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: