The holiday did not complete the job was scolding bear children away from home

The holiday did not complete the job was scolding bear child away from home before the national holiday ended, Wang Taixing man found his son’s work has not been completed, will be snapped up, who knows his son was "go", anxious family, finally with the help of local police, finally we will find it. In October 6th 3 pm, Wang just returned home to work overtime, found the 11 year old son was playing a check that its operation is not complete. He angrily indiscriminately, the son of a lesson. Then, the children while their parents are not at home, the phone call the mother said: "I want to go for a walk, before mother’s speech, his son will hang up the phone, a person away from home. 7 pm that evening, Wang four could not find his son, came to the Taixing police station yuan zhu. After receiving the report, police on duty with his son know away, to the surrounding Street police station informed, and made contact with the school, please help to find the class. Through the analysis of Wang son departure route, police access to the surrounding video monitoring, in the evening 10:30 in Wang family upstairs to find its runaway son."

假期作业未完成遭责骂 熊孩子离家出走   国庆假期结束前,泰兴男子王某发现儿子的作业还没有完成,便将其呵斥了一顿,谁知儿子竟“说走就走”,急坏了全家人,最后在当地民警的帮助下,终于将其找到。   10月6日下午3时许,刚加班回家的王某,发现11岁的儿子还在玩耍,一检查发现其作业还未完成。气急败坏的他不分青红皂白,将儿子训了一顿。随后,其子趁父母均不在家,拨打了母亲电话称:“我要出去走走”,未等母亲讲话,儿子就将电话挂断,一人离家出走。   当晚7时许,王某四下找不到儿子,才来到泰兴元竹派出所报警求助。接报后,值班民警详细了解其儿子出走的情况,向周边新街派出所通报,并与校方 取得联系,请班级同学协助找寻。通过分析王某儿子出走的路线,民警调阅周边视频监控,于当晚10时30分在王某一亲戚家中的楼上找到了其离家出走的儿子。”相关的主题文章: