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Crafts-Hobbies The HO scale train has be.e the most popular train scale in the world. The HO stands for half of O, which is 1:87 scale and having a track gauge of 16.5 mm (0.650 in). The HO scale was born out of the Great Depression. The scale first appeared in the United Kingdom. The train being half the size of O could be produced for less allowing more people to purchase the train than that of O scale. The HO scale became very popular in the United States in the 1950s when modelers became more interested in true scale and realism. The HO scale train is a perfect size for most train modelers. The train is half the size of an O scale, which allows the modeler to incorporate twice the scenery and detail into the same size layout as the O scale. This size train is also large enough to be handled very easily and also allows for a great deal of detail to be modeled into the lo.otive and rolling stock. The HO scale is also twice the size as the N scale trains, which is the second most popular scale. Even though the N scale is smaller and allows for more detail on a layout it is small and not as easy to handle as the HO scale train. Therefore the HO scale is probably the best scale for the beginner and also the expert. Most modern HO scale trains .e from the factory DCC equipped. DCC (Digital .mand Control) allows for more than one train to be operated on the same track, and be controlled separately from each other. The simplest way to explain DCC is that basically each lo.otive has a built in power pack that takes power from the rail and delivers this power to the train motor while controlling the speed and direction as a regular power pack would do. The built in power pack is controlled by another unit by using infrared, the same way that your TV remote controls your TV. Another advantage of DCC is that you can control switches, lighting, and other thins on your layout from one hand held device. Also it allows for easier wiring of the track because you can do away with block wiring system where you had a control panel with switches to control direction and speed of your train, which could be.e very .plicated at times. The HO scale train, being the most popular scale has the advantage of having more products produced in the scale than any other. You can find any type lo.otive or rolling stock in almost any road name. The lo.otives can be found representing the first steam lo.otives all the way through to the modern diesel electrics. The amount of rolling stock on the market is enormous, allowing you to model the first train, an old west train, early 1900s trains, or modern trains, including passenger and freight trains. Also it is amazing at the amount of track side building, and accessories that are available. You can also find building to model towns and city or almost any type of industry that enables you train to keep running. This is just a small sample of what exist for HO trains. Keep modeling, Steve Bar.t About the Author: 相关的主题文章: