The highest cost of living in the world’s 9 largest cities without North canton!

The highest cost of living in the world’s 9 largest cities without North canton! [Abstract] this year, because of the appreciation of the dollar and other currencies, the ranking of the world’s most expensive cities has changed dramatically. Tencent financial news according to the Business Insider article, every year, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) will be issued 2 reports, one is the highest cost of living on the global city; one is about the global minimum cost of city living. The world’s highest cost of living in the city to assess the dimensions of food consumption, energy consumption and wages, etc.. There has been a dramatic change in the ranking of cities with the highest cost of living in the world due to the appreciation of the dollar and other currencies. Jon, editor in chief of the survey, said: "in the last 17 years of research, I have never been through the same year as the volatility in 2015. The falling commodity prices have left some countries in deflation, but because of commodity prices, currencies in some countries have begun to fall sharply, triggering inflation." Let’s take a look at the world’s top 9 cities with the highest cost of living in 2015. 9, Seoul, South Korea, Seoul, the cost of living is rising because of the cost of buying clothes and the cost of using public facilities. Economists think tank said, South Korea is now the cost of living in Seoul and Losangeles almost be roughly the same. 8, the Danish capital Copenhagen on the cost of living and wage levels, Copenhagen and last year’s ranking, no change. 7, the United States, New York City economist think tank said in a report, due to the strengthening of the dollar and the city of New York, local prices, so that the cost of living in the city of New York is higher than other cities. For example, the average price of 1 kilograms of bread in the United States is about $8.28, while in New York, the price is almost 2 times the price. 6, London, London, inflation and soaring housing prices in London, while wages in London, but in a state of stagnation. At present, the average price of real estate in London is 500000 pounds, but the average wage is only $30000. 5, Paris Economist Intelligence Agency, said that due to weak investor confidence in the euro, the euro continued to depreciate, Paris became the only one living in the world’s top 10 euro zone cities. Although the euro is devalued, the cost of living in Paris is still relatively high. Relatively speaking, the price of wine and cigars in Paris is very high. 4, Geneva, Switzerland, economists think tank, basically speaking of all things are more expensive in Geneva. Even the cost of entertainment and leisure activities in the forefront of the world. So the overall cost of living in Geneva ranking on the front. 3, Hongkong, China, Hongkong, the cost of living ranking in the past 12 months, the rapid rise in the price of Hongkong is rising sharply, while living costs have begun to rise sharply. 2, Zurich, Switzerland, economists think tank, since the Swiss franc and the euro decoupling, Zurich’s structural income is high, the price level rose sharply, so the city’s living costs also rose sharply. 1 Singapore Singapore is a.相关的主题文章: