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Football You can call him an athlete, professional football player, television personality. Emmitt Smith was born in Pensacola, FL on May 15, 1969. Ever since he was a boy, Smith dreamed of playing for the Dallas Cowboys. As a child he had to face many obstacles before he could make that dream a reality. His family had financial problems when he was a child. He worked many different jobs to earn extra money and helped out with his ailing grandmother. In high school he was an incredible player and athlete. Smith went on to play football for University of Florida. He quickly established him as one of its most dynamic players. In his first game he had over 100 yards rushing. Smith set and broke his own rushing record while at the university. The school record for rushing touchdowns is 14, a record that Emmitt managed to tie. He still holds many of those same records to this very day. In 1990, Smith left University of Florida in his junior year to play for his dream team, the Dallas Cowboys. While playing at Dallas, Emmitt became the main man in the offense early in his career. In 1993, 1994, and 1996 Smith was a big reason the Cowboys won Super Bowls during these years.. He was even singled out for his performance on the field in Super Bowl XXVIII. He won SupreBowl MVP honors in 1994. Smith played in several Pro Bowl games as well. Emmitt Smith did not start the first two games of his college career in the fall of 1987, but made the most of his opportunities in a 2nd-week rout of Tulsa in which he gained 109 yards on just 10 carries, including a 66 yard touchdown run. The Pensacola, FL native won three Super Bowl titles with the Dallas Cowboys during the 1990? Emmitt was named Super Bowl XXVIII MVP as well as league MVP in 1993. Emmitt returned to the national stage as a contestant on the hit TV show Dancing With The Stars in 2006. He emerged as the winner buy winning over the other dancers and taking home the trophy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: