The government of Fujian together to promote respect for the elderly work well in real – Beijing

The government of Fujian to promote respect for the cause of "force to new network – the launch site to do in Fujian" for the month "activities. Zhang Yu photo Beijing, September 30 Fuzhou Xinhua (reporter Zhang Yu) this year is the seven anniversary of the development of the national respecting month "activities, Fujian decided to carry out a series of nursing activities in October. 30 days old, golden sun elderly service center and other 8 enterprises and the Fujian Provincial Committee signed an undertaking, clearly do for the elderly project. In the afternoon, the vice governor of Fujian province Huang Qiyu 8 companies signed an undertaking flag and declared "respecting the" activities start. According to the Fujian provincial Aging Office Deputy Director Fang Shaoxiong introduced, the focus of this year’s Fujian "respecting the" activity is concentrated in the old and do useful and good things, problem-solving things. The aging of 8 enterprises and Provincial Committee signed an undertaking is the embodiment of respecting the cause of "real". During this year’s "respecting the", the Fujian provincial government, the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial CPPCC leaders visit condolences difficult for the elderly, community service organizations or pension services, to promote all localities and departments to carry out the activities of sympathy. In particular, Fujian Province Office on aging will lead, guide social forces to participate in the visit, part of the difficulty, a special contribution to the elderly and the elderly affected counties this year. Director of Fujian provincial Civil Affairs Department said Qiuna pool, "respecting the" respecting and caring for the elderly is a national action, the purpose is to mobilize the government, enterprises, social organizations and other social forces to participate actively in the elderly, ZhuLao, activity. The 8 companies signed a letter of commitment is now actively fulfill corporate social responsibility. Just in the past "12th Five-Year" period, Fujian province has made great achievements in the cause of aging. The basic old-age insurance system to achieve full coverage of basic urban workers; mechanism of basic pension insurance policy to pay the basic establishment, improve the rural elderly; basic pension per month not less than 55 yuan, and the amount is increasing year by year, the lowest in 2015 has reached 85 yuan; the elderly across the province has basically achieved universal access to basic medical care, per thousand elderly people has reached 30.1 pension beds. Statistics show that as of the end of 2015, Fujian more than 60 years of age and older population of 5 million 150 thousand, a net increase of 190 thousand people, accounting for 13.41% of the total population; as of July 31, 2016, the province has a hundred years of age and older than 2007, a net increase of 109 people, accounting for one hundred thousand of the total population of 3.9. To promote the development of the cause of aging, by the end of 2015, the Fujian provincial government approved the establishment of the total size of 6 billion yuan, the pension industry investment fund, mainly invested in infrastructure construction, old-age pension complex construction, pension product development, pension services and other projects related to the pension industry. According to the plan, to the "13th Five-Year" period, Fujian pension service supply capacity will be increased significantly. (end)相关的主题文章: