The gold deposit the property market and the stock market seesaw effect whether the stock market

The gold deposit: the property market and the stock market seesaw effect whether the stock market ushered in a large opportunity? Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money real estate regulation: press the property market, the stock market will float prices rose, it rose about 20 lead several stringent regulation during the holidays China city including Beijing, the introduction of the real estate regulation measures respectively. Housing prices in China related to the livelihood of the people, after 2008, the real estate regulation occurred in the hundred cities in the city or the number of housing prices close to or more than 80, the real estate regulation is no exception. The speed and scope of the introduction of the local real estate policy, the real estate policy adjustment reflects the coordination behind the policy changes, may represent the decision-making on demand stimulus policies since the beginning of a major adjustment, the impact on the stock market is worth attention. Range: our estimates show that during the holiday real estate policy adjustments in the proportion of regional real estate sales accounted for 47% of the country, the proportion of investment in the area of sales accounted for 26%, respectively, 34%. Three or four line region will come out of the independent market? From the result of the spin off, although different regions differ in policy, a second and three or four line real estate market sales and investment performance did not appear decoupling in history, and a second tier has a "leading" meaning. Effect: the real estate regulation after the real estate industry in the short term will show the characteristics of steady price reduction, then trading volume to shrink further; in a more pessimistic scenario, there will be a certain price callback; real estate industry chain and broader economic growth may also be affected. The time point of view, the real estate regulation after the sales slowdown lasts one to two years, the listed companies of non financial sector revenue and earnings growth are also significantly affected by the real estate regulation period, the expected real estate regulation will give old economy sector earnings recovery overshadowed. The different regulation. The regulation of real estate compared several times in the history of the real estate market to the fiery is often accompanied by some inflation pressures (as of 2010 2013, real estate regulation) Regulation and monetary policy in response to inflationary pressure is often tight. The real estate regulation occurs at the inflation is not high, the overall monetary policy is still loose, social liquidity remains ample, this point will lead to different real estate regulation effect and the different impact on the stock market remains to be seen. The property market and the stock market: "seesaw" effect will appear? Although each real estate regulation policy, the internal and external market environment, valuation and other factors will be different, but the short-term impact of real estate regulation of the market is negative, the market reaction lasts 3-6 months, then depending on the specific situation and evolution. From the plate, and the real estate industry chain for 3-6 months in the real estate regulatory policies generally underperformed the market, but the correlation is not high and the real estate consumer, pharmaceutical, TMT, military, environmental protection and utilities tend to outperform the market. We also observed that since the beginning of 2014, the mainland property market and the stock market has a seesaw effect, namely, the property market downturn, the price when the callback (2014 year), the stock market began to gradually bottomed out on相关的主题文章: