The girl return after 22 years tracing continued tracing phone received more than and 60 – day

The girl return after 22 years tracing continued: 22 years after the close calls a day to pick up more than and 60 – public channel reported ", she is from the United States" Beijing tracing after a day yesterday, Tiantan Park police station "tracing" phone calls. "Police dad" Hou Xiangwei also received a phone call a day, but the more than and 60 phone, and did not find a similar situation and Fei Fei. Yesterday, the "police father" Hou Xiangwei has been in the police station to answer nuclear tracing phone yesterday afternoon, before 6 has received more than and 60 calls, "didn’t even have time to drink on the toilet". Unfortunately, did not find a similar case and Fifi. Many parents say they do not know the child’s situation, Hou Xiangwei comfort parents can learn more about the situation, call again. One parent said, looking very much like Fifi with her, his child was lost in 22 years ago. But the child and the parents said the characteristics of Fifi on, Hou Xiangwei comforted her and said do not worry if can do a DNA, "DNA is not wrong". Hou Xiangwei specially prepared a notebook, remember some valuable information, who called the phone, the child lost in that, the parents of the phone number, etc.. Source: JINGWAH times相关的主题文章: