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The geometrical rhythm of autumn sky show warm winter is not sway clean, the winter chill has been kicked off. Exquisite and elegant atmosphere through time and space, casting light upon the infinite and eternal discourse and information. Highlight the exquisite Italian feelings, material intentional collision, volume contour overlap, Salvatore Ferragamo opened a new chapter Ferragamo 2016 winter series. Men’s series this season Salvatore Ferragamo Ferragamo new series in the design at the beginning of the spirit of free combination and collocation as the starting point, the continuation of the strong Italian feelings to pay tribute to the good attitude. Every contemporary elite male can create a unique image based on identity, personality, attitude, needs and desires. In the increasing convergence in the world, to express the difference to pursue the strongest voice of freedom. Lock Story ladies series handbags and chain bag capture bright autumn beauty with jump, micro gear sable decoration also adds a touch of pride in cold winter warmth. The new season to brainstorm on perception, inspiring feelings, and reveal all sorts of elaborate design and detail is as the acme of perfection. Experience rather than the times, to create the classic rather than the trend. Even in the bleak autumn and winter will not lose their color. The above content from "SalvatoreFerragamo T1" is Chengdu Ferragamo high-end life mobile platform, is committed to providing all kinds of high-quality activities and services for high-end users, build Chengdu from Online to Offline enjoy superior life platform. Stay tuned for more exciting content: WeChat T1-Life official T1 life long press down in two-dimensional code recognition相关的主题文章: