The fourth Beijing international diving exhibition opens in

The fourth Beijing international diving exhibition will be opened in Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, September (Xinhua) – 2016 Beijing international diving exhibition at the opening of the exhibition hall in Beijing on the 2 in 2. The diving exhibition lasted three days, the activities involved in a number of areas of leisure diving, technical diving, free diving, marine protection, designed to create a visual feast for diving enthusiasts. September 2nd, 2016 Beijing international diving exhibition opens in Beijing exhibition hall. Diving equipment exhibition. Photo by Han Haidan on the day of the exhibition, showcasing the top brands in the global industry, covering the full range of training and diving equipment, free diving equipment, training and Technical Diving training and equipment, underwater photography and photographic equipment, diving holiday products and services, ship accommodation, marine conservation etc.. The success of the first three exhibition, the exhibition also successfully invited to more than 30 industry from Australia, Germany, Philippines, Korea, Malaysia, Spain, the United States, Singapore, Italy, Hongkong, Taiwan, China China Chinese, and other countries and regions of the leader, they took turns, bring the personally on the scene the lecture to the audience through academic exchanges, so that more sports enthusiasts participate in diving. In addition, during the exhibition, also held fourth session of the Chinese underwater photography contest, more than 30 contestants from more hands 7 senior talent shows itself, the underwater photographer Review Awards and contest the 5 groups best award. According to the organizing committee responsible person, the underwater photography contest to take the evaluation method of the most advanced international group, careful rich, senior judges the authority, the contestants in high level, is one of the highest level of underwater photography contest. The official pointed out that Chinese has rich diving industry resources, Beijing international diving exhibition is committed to the growth of the top diving exhibition brand Chinese, help Chinese industry development boom, early occupies an important position in the world diving industry. (end)相关的主题文章: