The first Shanghai court summons fake sentencing three defendant was sentenced to punishment (video)

The first Shanghai court summons forgery sentencing three defendants being punished for the benefits of their unsuccessful cases, even the thought of fake fake lawyers summons parties cheat money. However, forged vouchers can not enter the real court, their behavior to stand on the court of the defendant. The afternoon of September 19th, the fraud case in Shanghai Xuhui District court of the first court to conduct a public trial, three defendants were jailed for. A summons to false high court hearing difficult last July 27th at 10 o’clock in the morning, in the Shanghai High Court security building, a party held attracted the attention of the staff. Originally, the cover of its hold on the high court of Shanghai court summons the seal of the court not only than the normal small, color is bright. Xu, who holds the summons was immediately controlled by the staff. After the inquiry, Xu moujian summons to the lawyer, and a detailed report out the name of a lawyer, which by law and contact. Not only that, Xu also open the phone to the staff to show the hearing information received. However, the source of the information turned out to be a 131 cell phone number at the beginning, not the format of the Shanghai court system 12368 SMS platform. The lawyer’s phone can not dial. As a precaution, staff immediately contacted the summons as indicated by the court room for verification, and to a specified judge to verify the results have not found Xu’s case, the final confirmation of the summons for forgery. Xu heard these dumbfounded, not only I want to fight for the rights of the litigation through things no landing, have cheated several million legal fees "". Since the incident was suspected of criminal offenses, accompanied by the court staff, Xu immediately reported to the police station. Real lawyer is not about, fake lawyer Xu Xu will be cheated, but also from June 2015. At that time, Xu and others with a contract dispute case first instance and second instance were defeated. Xu’s friend Chen after hearing in the conversation, that is, Xu said that the case can be understood by the Yellow lawyer to consult whether there is a turning point, intended to profit from. Chen Xu to the number for the related judgments provided to yellow lawyer for advice. About an hour after the lawyer said the case of a lawyer in the case of a contract date, you can do the article, and told Xu can be filed by retrial lawsuit pull back. Xu learned that the feedback requirements after the appointment of yellow lawyer interview. However in the same month to mid, especially in a husband Chen learned that Chen has two times are not about the lawyer Huang Xu and interview the case, two people especially recommended arrangements negotiated by Liu and Xu Huang posing as lawyers met. In the meantime, Chen couple also guide how to deal with specific ryu. In Chen’s arrangement, Liu and Xu Huang posing as lawyers repeatedly interview, and has a "identification fee" and "transportation" and "clear" gifts "lawyers" the name of defrauding Xu total value of 66 thousand and 600 yuan in cash and a shopping card, which said 10 thousand yuan shopping card to send to the high court judge "" the cost of access. In order to obtain the trust of Xu, Chen has also forged two copies of the Shanghai Municipal Higher People’s court summons to Xu Mouyu to conceal the truth. Until the day of Xu to the court summons, the whole thing was the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked. 2015)相关的主题文章: