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"The first grade students" training competition of Cheng Yi in Jiwei male – Sohu for entertainment in Cobain students against gunpowder concentrated   Sohu; Hunan TV entertainment news "the first grade" second wonderful program value burst table, football match and cruel blood screening to see the audience hooked! In the program, students for the protagonist have Gexianshentong, with special skills. Yu Shuxin and Zhang Hao in the first episode of tit for tat? Let the audience remember the picture, but this Saturday night will broadcast third episodes, Cobain in Cheng Yi and in Jiwei for "male" to win the fight at outrance, even at the cost of this is to strike violently, big things? Speaker Julian Cheung handsome returned in the second round war officially started this year "as the first grade" rhythm on the motor in general, audience didn’t even remember their faces have been ups and downs of the story have no chance to attract distracted. The students were divided into two groups in training students and also makes the concept of the battle group is more obvious, the students should not only hold together unanimously, even occasionally competition, so users can refer to: "a word not just war, this posture I see blood surging!" The latest issue of the program, in addition to the handsome return of Julian Cheung is a major bright spot, the two group of a new round of team battle is about to start. After the "new party" war theme, the second round of the battle group is changed to full of innovative star imitation debate. While the students imitate the star list Cobain, speaker Julian Cheung’s name impressively, let the students feel surprised Alexander: This is the deity of imitation in the front, to do ah! The true Julian Cheung Cheng Yi, in Jiwei hit comedy anger for "male" students hope stars hope the moon, finally put the speaker Julian Cheung to look forward to, a dream is insufficient to describe the feelings of students of all classes. When Julian Cheung appeared handsome in that moment, the class becomes the second sister, many girls see their collective spoony face, husband so sought after, "empress" Anita Yuen smile huazhiluanchan. In order to let the students win in the second round of the battle group, Julian Cheung nonstop organize students to begin internal assessment, make the class of all the boys to imitate their own, a "real Julian Cheung" in the comedy drama staged moment. As captain Cheng Yi DaTouZhen, dressed as Julian Cheung in "chongshangyunxiao" in the form of him, a handsome pilots assembly Pilot Sunglasses, blood slot minute empty fans sister, in order to make more vivid imitation, Cheng Yi had to add their own play, learn Mandarin Julian Cheung ramped up mercilessly. While the program with a lot of fans in Jiwei harvest singing a song "suiyueruge also not resigned to playing second fiddle," instantly put everyone’s memory back to "rushed into the sky" of the story, let a person be intoxicated. Two people hard to compete with the wonderful performance of Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen two teachers make difficult choices, even Julian Cheung himself said: "they? Well, I can’t tell what he looks like." It is reported that see the teachers in a dilemma, and then take Jiwei Cheng Yi in "competition mode, the most fair, just and open" — direct start, let the scene was a scene of chaos. In order.相关的主题文章: