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The first Chinese (Ningxia) International Tourism Expo September 8th in Yinchuan on the travel channel — the original title: the first Chinese (Ningxia) International Tourism Expo September 8th in silver curtain in August 31st, reporters from the Ningxia Tourism Committee was informed that, as the Sino US high-level dialogue tourism series of activities of one of the first China (Ningxia) Tourism Expo will be held in Yinchuan in September 8th the 11 day. The theme of the Expo is "the magic of beautiful China and the western Ningxia". The overall framework is set to show, one day, two forums. One is the main Tourism Expo, including domestic and foreign tourism resources, products, project contracting, publish and other activities; a section of the silk road is a delicacy Festival, set up 4 special exhibition, respectively, the American fast food area, Chinese delicacy area, the characteristics of Ningxia delicacy area and the Silk Road International delicacy area, the size of nearly fluttering 100; two forums are China mainstream media "global tourism forum and China Ningxia wisdom Tourism Forum, well-known media people, tourism experts, the media industry forum will invite the country leaders gathered in Ningxia to promote the" global travel "and" wisdom tourism development suggestions. It is understood that the Expo invited a number of provinces and cities, as well as more than and 10 countries in Asia, Africa, more than 30 exhibitors exhibitors. During the interview, the Ningxia Tourism Development Committee of the relevant responsible person said, holding the travel fair, is the integration of Ningxia tourism industry and innovation Expo exhibition industry in depth, to build Ningxia’s first professional, national high-end tourism trade cooperation platform. (reporter Bao Shuling) (commissioning editor: Zhao Peng (Intern), Qin Jing)相关的主题文章: