The final answer to the Three Gorges Project will be announced ships can pass the

Three Gorges project final answer will be announced: the ship can pass the dam – 18, the Three Gorges project, the final answer is about to be announced! According to the Three Gorges maritime bureau NOTAM, the Three Gorges ship lift will enter the stage of trial navigation in 18, which means that after the ship to climb the Three Gorges Dam, can "lift"! "The elevator" dam technology, scale and in the world and the Three Gorges ship lift with double line five grade ship lock for Three Gorges Project navigation structures, with large lifting height, lifting weight, Upstream Navigation characteristics of water level variation, the variation rate of the downstream water level quickly, is now the world’s largest ship and technical difficulty machine. In July 6, 2016, the Three Gorges ship lift on Three Gorges Dam in Hubei province Yichang city. Lifting weight and height are the most in the world of Three Gorges ship lift can carry 3000 ton ship, Max tonnage of 15 thousand and 500 tons, a maximum height of 113 meters. Lifting weight and height, are the most in the world. The world’s largest and highest technical difficulty of Three Gorges ship lift the entire length of about 5000 meters, boat cab segment tower building height of 146 meters, the maximum lifting height of 113 meters, the maximum lifting weight of more than 15 thousand and 500 tons, the ship chamber 132 meters long, 23.4 meters wide, 10 meters high, can lift the 3000 ton ship over a dam. These data show that the Three Gorges shiplift is the world’s largest and most sophisticated machine engineering. The dam over time from 3.5 hours to 40 minutes carrying ship positioning design of the Three Gorges ship lift is mainly used 3000 tons of large passenger ships, cruise ships, and cargo ships transporting fresh supplies quickly. After operation, this kind of ship crossing time will be shortened by 3.5 hours through the permanent lock now for about 40 minutes. After the operation, the Three Gorges shiplift dam will provide fast channel for passenger and cargo and special ships. How to take the elevator? If the ship is going upstream from the downstream of the dam, first of all, the ship enters the ship carrying chamber and closes the lower gate of the ship carrying chamber. The ship carrying chamber rises through the climbing device until the water level in the container is flush with the water level of the upper reservoir. Open the ship chamber upstream gate, ship out of the ship chamber into the upstream channel. The ship moves downstream from the upstream to the opposite. 13 years of experience in the installation of Three Gorges ship lift and finally a construction project of 8 years as the world’s largest water conservancy construction of the Three Gorges project, the Three Gorges ship lift is regarded as the answer to the last "Three Gorges project". After 13 years of construction and installation for 8 years, in May 13th and September 13th of this year through the trial navigation before and fire engineering acceptance, have put into trial operation conditions. According to the Ministry of transport of the Yangtze River Waterway Bureau "on the Three Gorges ship lift trial navigation scheme", the Three Gorges ship lift in September 2016 trial navigation period. According to reports, the trial navigation will be divided into four stages. The first phase of the water test of 2016 from September 18, 2016 to the end of the Three Gorges reservoir, the Three Gorges ship lift running time 8 pm to 17 pm every day. Now the ship how to climb the dam? )相关的主题文章: