The family a 70 year old woman received adaptation of Jay Chou music-reshacker

"The family" 70 year old Jay Chou song adapted acclaimed "mammy" a rescue dog Maomao retired Shenyang fire brigade squadron rescue dogs home Kong Qingyu and his wife a married couple very much in love Sina entertainment news in each period of Liaoning satellite TV "Chinese family" will bring new surprises, this week’s program is no exception. Two family groups, a group from Shenyang city fire brigade emergency rescue dogs Brigade squadron, a group of Ji’nan’s version of "Rong Momo Kong Qingyu family. In the program, brave rescue dogs show a strong search ability, face to face host and singer Feng Xiaoquan could not escape the discernment and optimism; "let mammy" Ji’nan version also let the audience very touching. Has participated in the Wenchuan earthquake rescue dog scene retired from the Shenyang fire brigade rescue detachment of dogs, is a special group of families". The scene in the program, versatile dogs showing a variety of difficult moves, the audience loud shouts of applause. What is the story of a search and rescue dog with such a strong ability? What role did the search and rescue dogs play in the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake? Search and rescue dogs in the scene of the audience, the influence of the stage lighting can quickly find a face and Feng Xiaoquan’s box? This particular family is amazing! In the program, especially for a 9 year service search and rescue dog Maomao held a retirement ceremony. Since nine years, Maomao carried out many tasks, fire, earthquake, train derailment and the dangerous site has a plush figure, has made many contributions to our peace life. Now baby is 13 years old, old to retire, though, but still with the fire brigade Nanshenanfen, let us see the precious emotion across human and animal. What is the touching and warm service of the search and rescue dog? Please lock this Sunday "Chinese family". "Mammy" adaptation of Jay Chou "cowboy is very busy" blew another group of the Kong Qingyu family, because in the "China dream show" on stage "let mammy" appearance, and widely acclaimed. Kong Qingyu is more than and 70 years old, very optimistic, laughing and talking, the lovely completely like an old lady. At the scene, "mammy" also sang his own version of the "cowboy is very busy", playful lyrics the audience, the audience is the cheerful old lady impressed. Sing "cowboy is very busy" is not enough, the old lady sang TFBOYS "youth practice manual". "Mammy" youth practicing what is the secret? Hurry up with my left hand and turn on the TV a slow motion straight to Liaoning satellite tv! Talkative Kong Qingyu also chatted about their emotional memories, feelings with his wife childhood sweetheart is how to develop the sublimation? Why in a few decades later, still did not receive? Want to know the "mammy" version of the "cowboy is very busy" is what? Rescue dogs and how brave performance? Please lock this Sunday night (September 11th) 21:10, Liaoning satellite TV "Chinese family" not to be missed! (commissioning editor: Laurie)相关的主题文章: