The FA Cup is no substitute Shenhua war significance on many fronts have stepped up in

The FA Cup is no substitute Shenhua war significance on many fronts have stepped up in the top 3 in Shenhua to aid source: football newspaper reporter Chen Wei reported although Manzano after the FA Cup semi-final first leg end said Martins goal in the last minute to qualify for the team more than a glimmer of hope, the team will not give up the cup, but when times turn out of the list, you can see Shenhua strategically abandoned the FA Cup, only Jin Jixi and bear fly two main starting. Finally, Shenhua 0 1 lost Suning, a total score of 2 to 4 were eliminated. However, Hengda out R & F let Shenhua relieved, this result ensures that the top four has hit AFC Champions League opportunity, and with the outcome of the relationship between Shenhua is currently ranked third in the league, as long as the solidity was not behind the pursuers catch up, Shenhua will be able to complete the mission in AFC Champions League. The FA Cup semi-final first leg match 2 to 3 defeat, the League was tied on the Hong Kong team, too much, this to Manzano in Paibingbuzhen FA Cup semi-final second leg brings change. Went to Nanjing, Qin Sheng, Li Jianbin and Lu Zheng and other players did not travel with the team, because of the injury in the body, MANSANO let this several players stay in Shanghai for rehabilitation. Guarin while travelling to Nanjing, but before the training, he did not and joint training team, only individual on the sidelines. Before the press conference, MANSANO took Qiu Shengjiong to attend, which means that the game will certainly be Shenhua rotation in a certain extent. "We lost to Su Ning in the first round, but we still try to get good results. Our goal for this year is AFC Champions League, now the team encountered injuries, so tomorrow we will be part of the rotation. Of course no matter who play, we will go all out." Manzano’s remarks also from the side that Shenhua this game chose to give up the strategic. "To some extent, our rotation is not a voluntary rotation but a passive rotation, because there are a lot of injuries, but we will not give up any game." Shenhua chairman Wu Xiaohui explained that the team in this game rotation. Before the starting lineup released, only Shenhua Jin Jixi and bear fly two main stage, but bear fly does not appear in the familiar position of right back defender, he and South Korean partner, Li Wenbo, Wang Lin are the left and right back, Wang Yun, Wang Ting and Deng Zhuoxiang Wei Juzhong, Xu Junmin, Zhang Lu, Gaudi became the front hand attack. It is worth mentioning that the Deng Zhuoxiang campaign ushered in the first, it is the season for his first start against shenhua. Long war Deng Zhuoxiang did not seize the opportunity, performance is not satisfactory. His debut in 61 minutes, zero key pass, zero breakthrough, zero pass. In addition to Deng Zhuoxiang, other players Shenhua there is no dazzling performance. Until after Moreno, Martins and Cao Yun debut, Shenhua attack only the improvement. For the rotation performance, Shenhua boss Manzano said: "this game, we know that there is no advantage, but still have the hope of promotion. The first half played very well to limit the opponent’s attack, but the second half of the other side to play a more prominent. The total score of the two round was 2 to 4.相关的主题文章: