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Exclusive: Ken Chu couples premarital feelings bluntly disturbed and looking forward to Sina entertainment news September 3rd Ken Chu [micro-blog] and Han Wenwen [micro-blog] day, after the night before dinner, the couple said premarital speech for Sina users, two people have used "disturbed" to describe their feelings. Ken Chu is sweet confession: "I think I am very lucky people, to make such a good girl, willing to take youth gambling on me." The same day, the bride Han Wenwen was wearing a blue dress is slender and elegant, she put her hands together over the chest, to Sina users who confessed premarital feelings: "to get married soon, it was still a little nervous, uneasy, but still very much looking forward to all the arrangements for tomorrow. Because this time is for me, there are still some pressure, originally day brother told me that our wedding, you will make a good bride Buyaoquguan, anything, mainly as your bride. But I was a very very detail, everything I want to have a sense of participation, (so) get tired, but also very happy, in fact, I was particularly want my wedding is very perfect, also can give me the most important in life moment, leave a good memory!" The groom Ken Chu in a black suit in front of the camera, he said with emotion: "Hello everyone, I am Ken Chu, I am now in Bali Island, I is preparing for the wedding, oh oh in fact is not prepared, there will soon be issued. We are now at our welcome dinner, to welcome our friends from all over the world to share my feelings with you. It seems I was very calm, but actually I was quite disturbed, mainly because of this marriage thing, once a is for a lifetime, I can only say that I am very honored to have Han Wenwen as my wife, with her more than a year, two years, always feel this the girls are very good, I think I am very lucky people, to make such a good girl, is willing to take the youth to bet on me, here with everyone share my joy, thank you for your support in the past, also hope that from now on, apart from me, to support me the wife, husband and wife support us." (A Huiwen) (Bai Ling: commissioning editor statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: