The eighty anniversary of the victory of the Chinese workers’ and peasants’ Red Army Long March comm

"Chinese Red Army eighty anniversary of the victory of" commemorative stamps in Hubei – Hubei – Macheng first channel Macheng 23 October, October 22nd, "carry forward the long march spirit, the same building China dream" Chinese Red Army to commemorate the eighty anniversary of the victory of the stamp premiere was held in Macheng City in Hubei Province, the exhibition center plaza. The event by the Huanggang Municipal People’s government, Chinese postal Group Corporation Huanggang branch hosted, Macheng City People’s government, Chinese postal group Macheng City Branch contractor, has attracted the majority of collectors, Philatelic Association and representatives of nearly 1000 people, attended the ceremony, the memory of the martyrs, don’t forget the heart, in their determination take the post new long road. The 1 set of 6 stamps, the contents of the pattern were: the start of the Long March, the Zunyi conference, four Chishui, a mountain grassland, victory in the realignment, the memory of the martyrs, not forget the early heart, take a new road. Full set of stamps with a face value of 7.80 yuan. It is worth mentioning that, China’s postal service in Hubei, Macheng, the selection of the first set of stamps has a special meaning. Macheng is one of the birthplace of jute uprising ", is the birthplace of the Red Army, twenty-five Red Army and red twenty-eight army main force. In May 1935, the Red Army long march northward, which lasted 18 months, 11 province, climb 18 mountains, across 24 rivers across the grass, no human habitation, rolling over the snow capped mountains, after thousands of times the size of the fight, smashed hundreds of thousands of enemy besieged the successful completion of the important task of northward strategic shift, for the revolution save a large number of effective strength and exercise. In the Long March, made a significant contribution and sacrifices for Macheng heroes Long March victory, Macheng is an important birthplace of the great spirit of the long march and gave birth, out of Wang Shusheng, Chen Zaidao and Xu Shiyou, 41 generals and 126 senior generals of the Republic, Chengmagang town known as "the first general Xiang, China Macheng is known as the" general county Chinese". In addition, Jingzhou, Xiaogan, Enshi, Hefeng, Wuhan City, as well as the eighty anniversary of the victory of the Chinese workers’ and peasants’ Red Army Long March to stamp the first activity. The former Red Star bright; now the holy land, the Dabie Linghai, flowers are blooming. In the great spirit of the long march to Macheng, the previous municipal government to inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition of the old liberated areas, focus on economic construction as the center, always adhere to the two civilizations, the reform of city construction, bright scene, all-round social progress, the people live and work in peace. The stamps, inspired the people of the city to inherit and carry forward the spirit of the Long March, force? Concentric, forge ahead, to accelerate the green Macheng, Macheng, Macheng, the cultural strength efficiency of Macheng Macheng happiness construction process. Wuhan came from collectors Mr. Zhang Xinguo said "to commemorate the eighty anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army China stamps elaborate, majestic atmosphere, performance in the market should be good, very worthy of our Philatelic collection." (WAN Yong Zhuang share: (Gao Jie): Zhou Tian, commissioning editor Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: