The earliest archaeological discoveries in Xinjiang iron 3000 years ago – Beijing-melia kreiling

The earliest archaeological discovery site of Xinjiang iron 3000 years ago – Nilka Beijing Ji Rentai "settlement". Zhu Jingzhao photo Beijing, September 13 Nilka Xinhua (reporter Zhu Jingzhao) 13 reporters from the Archaeological Research Institute for cultural relics of Xinjiang Prehistoric Archaeology Department learned that the archaeological Department staff in 2015 and 2016 for the excavation of Xinjiang Nilka Kyrgyzstan Rentai "settlement", in addition to Xinjiang, the earliest use of coal found traces, also found a block Xinjiang, which will use the history of iron pushed up to more than 3000 years ago. Research Institute of Xinjiang cultural relics and Archaeology Department of prehistoric archaeology librarian Wang Yongqiang 13, said that the Department of Archaeology in 2015 and 2016 in Xinjiang Nilka continuous mining Kyrgyzstan Rentai "settlement", found that coal ash, coal cinder, unburned coal and dumps, means that the bronze era living here humans have begun the use of coal, 3000 years ago. Study on the Archaeological Institute of Xinjiang prehistoric research director Ruan Qiurong said that in 1000 BC the Bronze Age "settlement sites", not only discovered the coal, also found iron, "this is the earliest discovered Xinjiang smelting iron, Xinjiang iron history pushed to more than 3 thousand years ago. None of the previous discoveries was more than 1000 BC, "he said. The 13 reporters in Nilka Ji Rentai "settlement site" site, site located in the Highlands, each rectangular site boundary will see into the ground stone as separate ruins are still visible traces of the use of coal. Ruan Qiurong said that the iron has been sent to the relevant departments of the collection and further research. Ruan Qiurong said, the site is a tributary of the Yili River, walked out less than 1 kilometers is the fertile ground, visible at the time here is a suitable place, "this is the bronze age human choice in this life" he said. (end)相关的主题文章: