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The doctor said | bad teeth, systemic disease run Sohu Sohu health paper Guo Huijie Department of Stomatology Peking University People’s Hospital as the saying goes, bad teeth, systemic disease run. Mouth is a mirror of the whole body health, dental care is a lifetime thing. In September 20, 2016, the twenty-eighth "National Teeth Care Day", this year’s theme is "oral health, general health". Let me take a look at the oral problems, dental problems in the end will bring what disease, how should we prevent? Guo Huijie, deputy director of physicians, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of dental pulp diseases. Specializes in the treatment of difficult root canal (including root canal retreatment, fracture treatment, obstruction of root canal dredging, etc.) and the treatment of root canal treatment complications. The clinical application of micro root canal therapy, titanium nickel instruments, ultrasonic root canal therapy and hot gutta percha filling. Gingivitis increases the risk of stroke more and more evidence that there is a link between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease. Gingival inflammation can lead to an increase in C reactive protein, and the high level of C reactive protein is considered to be an important pathogenic factor of cardiovascular disease. Under the condition of the inflammation of the gums, the oral bacteria can enter the blood circulation system of the human body at any time in the process of brushing teeth and chewing food everyday. And into the blood of these bacteria containing procoagulant protein, can block blood vessels and arteries, thereby increasing the risk of stroke and heart disease, which is why the doctor advised those who accept the reasons of non acute surgical patients first to get rid of dental problems. The American Heart Association, the American Medical Association and the American Orthopaedic Association called for received total hip replacement patients in the dentist back every time, should take an antibiotic an hour early, in order to reduce the risk of postoperative infection. Periodontal inflammation of the old to check the blood sugar of periodontal disease and diabetes are closely related, on the one hand, the increased risk of periodontal inflammation of diabetic complications, on the other hand, significantly increased the incidence of type II diabetic periodontitis rate. Researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of public health followed 9296 non diabetes subjects, they were detected in the past 20 years the level of periodontal bacteria. The results showed that, at this time, patients with higher levels of periodontal disease had a two fold higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes than those with a low level of periodontal disease. The pathological mechanism may be as follows: when the inflammation in the mouth is very serious, can cause systemic mild inflammatory reaction, some inflammatory molecules may bind to the insulin receptor, thereby preventing the use of insulin in human cells. In addition, patients with diabetes often appear a series of oral problems, Candida infection and lichen planus, the prevalence of the disease is higher than normal people, local inflammation and not easy to heal. Periodontal disease increases the risk of preterm birth and low birth weight infants. Studies have shown that periodontal disease or oral inflammation may promote the body to secrete more prostaglandins, leading to premature birth. A 2001 study found that women who had gum disease between 21 and 24 weeks of age had an increase in the likelihood of fetal birth by about 4 to $37 by the end of the week (see chart).相关的主题文章: