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Chinese doctors go to Germany to study for second days, save the old woman on the bus, and praise the professionalism of doctors and wives." Yesterday morning, deputy director of the provincial people’s Hospital Department of Radiology physician Wang Haochu made a circle of friends, in no time, there are dozens of points zanga comment. Wang Haochu’s wife is a doctor, deputy director of the provincial people’s hospital emergency center Zhu Wei, February 12th Berlin Germany exchange Sharett medical school. On the second day in Germany, a heart and breath arrest elderly man was rescued on a bus in Berlin. What on earth happened to the bus? We contacted Wang Haochu to restore the thrilling 10 minutes. Together with Germany, in addition to Zhu Wei, as well as emergency center doctor Ni Ni, that day, two female doctors take a bus to the nearby supermarket to buy daily necessities. At the end of the train, the two were ready to get off, but Zhu Yu saw the old lady sitting in the front row with a grizzled old lady. In the country, every day to treat all kinds of sudden cases of patients, the old lady closed eyes panting, this signal for professional first aid doctors, enough to determine the danger. The two went up to the front row and greeted the old lady in English. The old lady did not respond, patted her, didn’t wake up, stretched her hand and felt her pulse. She felt no longer, and the patient must immediately call for first aid. Zhu Yu and the driver said hello, immediately call the local emergency telephone 122, and then she and Ni silver and still on the car of a handsome boy, the old lady lifted up, flat on the ground. The next thing is the most professional CPR, the two division of labor, one outside the chest compressions, the other to ensure that the old woman airway patency. It took about 10 minutes for the first aid, and the ambulance arrived. The first aid personnel with professional equipment took over the work of two Chinese doctors, using the breathing balloon, artificial ventilation, AED psychological test, and the old lady finally woke up, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. See the whole bus driver in their thumbs up, then rushed to the emergency doctors also boast they professional (professional). "That’s sudden death." Wang Haochu said, in this case to first aid success, the most important thing is the first few minutes of ambulance to be in place, "I hope more Chinese people in foreign countries as angels appear like this image."." Wang Haochu wrote in his circle of friends. Newspaper reporter   Zhang Miao   reporter correspondent   Chen Xiaohua responsible editor: SN226 中国医生赴德学习第二天 公交车上救老太   “为医生老婆的专业素养点赞。”昨天一早,省人民医院影像科副主任医师王浩初发了一条朋友圈,没一会儿功夫,点赞加评论就有几十条了。   王浩初的老婆,是省人民医院的急救中心副主任医生朱蔚,2月12日出发到德国柏林的夏里特医学院交流学习。到德国的第二天,就在柏林的公交车上救了一位心跳呼吸骤停的老人。   公交车上到底发生了什么事?我们联系上了王浩初,还原那惊心动魄的10分钟。   一同前往德国的,除了朱蔚之外,还有急救中心的主治医生倪银,这天,两位女医生坐公交车到附近的超市买生活用品。   车到终点站,两人准备下车了,可是朱蔚看到坐在最前排有一位头发花白的老太太情况不对。   在国内,每天都要救治各种突发状况的病人,老太太闭着眼睛重重喘气,这样的信号对于专业急救医生来说,已经足够判断危险了。   两人走到前排,用英文和老太太打招呼,老太太没有反应,拍了拍她,还是没醒来,再伸手摸摸脉搏,已经感觉不到了,病人必须马上急救。   朱蔚和司机打了招呼,马上拨打当地的急救电话122,接着她和倪银以及仍在车上的一位年轻帅哥,将老太太扶起,平放在地上。   接下来就是最专业的心肺复苏,两人分工明确,一位在胸外按压的时候,另一位确保老太太气道通畅。   这样急救了10分钟左右,救护车也赶到了,带着专业设备的急救人员接替了两位中国医生的工作,用上了呼吸球囊人工通气,AED心理检测,老太太终于醒了过来,所有人都松了一口气。   目睹全程的公交车司机对她俩竖起了大拇指,之后赶到的急救医生也在夸她俩professional(专业)。“这就是猝死状态。”王浩初说,这样的情况 下要急救成功,最关键的就是头几分钟救护要到位,“希望更多中国人在国外都以天使这样的形象出现。”王浩初在朋友圈里写道。   本报记者 张苗 本报通讯员 陈晓华 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: