The director said to marry Ma Rong, Zhang Yimou brother also claimed the

The director said to marry Ma Rong, brother Chen Jian, Zhang Yimou claimed the past Ma Rong (data plan) according to Taiwan media reports, Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong made after the divorce, the storm spread so far, Ma Rong was considered the thief shouting thief, become a public enemy, and since she first anti Baoqiang Wang prevents it completely after fame, not holding see, until recently the outgoing telephone dial in users, one-sided support of Baoqiang Wang, the famous director to say "Ma Rongmei brother saved, not marry her a hot wife", is now the director of past experiences Fanzao end, was found he is a "king of the hype". This is called a Chen Jian director, 24, issued a document, said she was "hero", the more speak to say "not marry her, users have a message he blasted speculation, and Chen Jian in the next day once again issued a document, all his friends called anti choking Baoqiang Wang sent to the network Navy, said Malaysia still I saved the Chengdu", because the remarks made him dinner time to become network reds, many people began from the end of Chen Jian’s past, only to find that he used 2 times by director Zhang Yimou speculation. Chen Jian claims to be Zhang Yimou speculation a lot of movies, which in 2002 launched the works of "hero" (the film version, drama version) in the same year a staggering box office, more image copyright have been 17 million 800 thousand yuan traded price, then create the mainland movie piracy record, but the film was released only 30 hours there is piracy. In the end they found that storm piracy is false, is only a speculation self Chen Jian, it is reported that he was also proud of the "Heroes" because they can eventually received 200 million at the box office. After this, Zhang Yimou was in 2011 and Chen Ting married, but 2 people had fathered 2 children and 1 women questioned bounce provoke Yee, Chen Jian ran out claiming to be Chen Ting’s brother, with "Zhang Yimou brother" identity open letter sent to the media, to clarify for Zhang Yimou let Zhang Yimou bounce questioned. The couple came forward to refute Chen Jian also said that for Zhang Yimou, and the movie hype is Chen Ting call him, asked him to do, triggered an uproar, with several times before the lesson, Chen Jian again because of Ma Rong came out, many people think that he wants the opportunity to hype, because he in the micro-blog post number you mentioned the film being shot, even with scenes clips by netizens rave.相关的主题文章: