The director of television, political and urban management was sent to a magnifying glass on the spo-mkdv-02

TV politics was sent the Secretary chased magnifier site announced the phone to win applause TV asked political scene photo reporter Ruan Banhui has two seat under the officials asked Political Bureau of Xi’an city program after the first time to convene the Council offices responsible person, director of the county development zone held will rectify 8 last night, Xi’an fourth TV politics program launched on time. The Secretary of the Party group and the director of the Party group of the Xi’an Municipal Bureau of city administration and the director of the 8 deputy directors, as well as the director of the District, county and Development District Municipal Administration Bureau, accepted the "question of politics". Asked the program scene mainly under the jurisdiction of Xi’an City Administration Jeeves parks, small square of the environment and work style, after the end of the program, representatives of the public to send a magnifying glass to yanshi. A short visit to question 1: the city tube demonstration street is in the shape of the imaginary messy and messy, "running, the city management is coming!" In the first film on the first section of the fourth political program, a song of Shaanxi was sung, and the audience laughed. This video reflects the chaos in key areas such as Xi’an’s bell tower, hamlet. You know, Bell Tower and Drum Tower area is the face of Xi’an. It’s a must for foreign tourists. However, why are there so many chaos in these areas? It is seen that the law enforcement officers are on duty at the scene, but no matter what happens, they play "hide and seek" with the vendors. The housekeeping workers who are in charge of the city’s value do not manage the bell tower, the reception hall of Xi’an. Under the strict control measures, especially during the national day, there is such a mess, where is the problem? City Administration Bureau Chief Yan Yan said that the problem is still in law enforcement personnel, it is their work is not fine and inaccurate. "It is absolutely impossible to go on like this again. We should take the Bell Tower and Drum Tower area as a sharp point. After going back, we will formulate relevant measures." Yan Shi said. The same problem is also a demonstration street of law enforcement. At the beginning of the creation of the Xi’an demonstration street, they were all benchmarks, but as the work ended, the brand was hung up and no one was in charge. "This picture is too beautiful to see," in the short film. Regarding this, Li Chenggang, deputy director of the Municipal Administration Bureau, said, as the video said, our demonstration street has problems and loopholes. Next, we will join the assessment mechanism to solve the problem of the demonstration street. Question 2: managers and the existence of the interests of the chain from the video TV unannounced visits to see the north gate to flee, the axis around all kinds of barbecue vendors have said, row upon row of management fees, management fees will not be in a flagrant way, want to stall, call, after eight can be placed, ten points can be placed on the road, "stall 30 yuan a day, monthly pay 600 yuan per month." The reporter phoned and consulted. The other party said that he had paid the money. If the city tube received something, they were responsible for returning it. The host field counted out an account. This booth was calculated according to 100 stalls of 600 yuan per month, and the amount of such a considerable charge went to whom? "I thought it was pressure before I came to the exam, but after seeing the film, I felt deeply responsible for it." To solve this problem, director of Lianhu District City Management Bureau said, regardless of market settings or other circumstances, if the charges involving officers. Back then punished, other personnel, back severely punished. In the program, asked the government for the first time time sent a reporter to broadcast live connection, in a number of outdoor big screen for the first time, and to the questions through the 4G connection, see the streets of chaos "live", the video is located in Dazhai Road near a Jeeves is like a raging fire, regardless of public, host site reporter connection a question, sitting on the stage staff froze for a full minute, people have started to answer, the original line in the border area is dirty and messy situation management. Question 3: "mobile control", "Beijing paralysis" style is lazy, office hours are locked, office workers are yawning, working hours playing games, playing chess, watching programs, resting on sofa. These are the work of the wind, the reporter unannounced visits to the fragment from time to time caused the audience bursts of talk, lazy style of work is summarized as "mobile phone control", "Beijing paralysis", "Meng Da, work time playing video let the audience have laughter, the present Law Enforcement Bureau but how people are laughing, Yan Shi said," absolutely should not be!" Law Enforcement Bureau supervision department staff face the moderator’s question is "stuck", said at the same time, usually on supervision, the actual situation is more serious. Bureau of law enforcement and supervision department responsible for video content representation, the heart is very self reproach, law enforcement is not in place, to seriously deal with according to law in the short film. The same problem is the city tube hotline 12342, the hotline is a bridge to communicate with the public, but 12342 has become the deaf ear. Some of the complaints in the short film, 12342 staff responded, some did not reply, but no matter reply or not reply, the complaint has not been renovated. The information management center director million in the face of this situation, said "understanding", to recognize that the public complaint is not the case is obvious dereliction of duty, the politics, the audience satisfaction survey in the first two rounds of the satisfaction rate were 52.09%, 61.45%, the final round of voting style of work satisfaction rate is 40.11%, not satisfied with the "anti super" reached 59.89%. B site administration secretary: improve the level of city management to give people a satisfactory answer "as the city manager, we not only on behalf of the individual, more representative of the image of the government, we will take the quality of the rectification, rectification as a priority among priorities, and the results will be reported to the general public at any time." He said with a magnifying glass, not only to find out his own problems and management teams, but also to find and manage problems accurately in the management process. He announced the telephone number 86788444 on the program site, and won applause from the audience. "Before I have done the mental preparation, but after I saw the movie that we work really did not do a good job, down to improve the team’s quality from the efforts, Kung Fu from the regulations, we will be the night immediately formulate rectification plan, continuously improve the quality of the team, in the mechanism to work hard." Yan Shi said that political mood after a long time can not heal, although these years Urban Management Bureau has done a lot of work, there are still many problems, the TV politics exposed, this is bad is good, then they will be on television in politics as an opportunity to expose the problem rectification, comprehensively improve the level of city management give people a satisfactory answer. C on behalf of the people through politics can really "rectification of the problem is the fundamental purpose questions raised is to urge the rectification, to let people feel that the transformation of government work style, feel the government pay close attention to the implementation of the attitude, let people get real benefits." As a field observer, Liu Ying, a professor at Shaanxi provincial administrative college, said, "politics is not just about superficial problems. Functional departments should ask themselves a few more reasons, deepen the problem and make a serious reflection in management mode and management system." "Look at the change, it’s really good. I look through politics can really rectification, banned Jeeves, clean up the garbage in the city, let Xi’an have more convenient and comfortable for a better city environment." Xi’an city foreign affairs college sophomore Wang Yong has been on television in politics, "the previous period, I was sitting in front of the TV to watch the registration by phone, came to the scene, feel the government departments open remonstrance style. Although the masses questioned the weak links of the city administration, they also saw the government’s determination to transform its style of work and the idea of governing for the people. D on the rectification rectification of people asked government accountability "politics" is still time last night to play the third political units (square area train station) rectification short opening, the train station square CMC will be responsible for on-site reporting rectification, and once again make a promise. According to reports, third TV politics after the end of the new city, the night held the rectification work, the establishment of train station square area special rectification leading group, made a classification of exposure in the programme, 18 relevant departments to carry out rectification work in the train station square. In a period of two months to enhance the rectification work, the Public Security Department of the store will be closed off jurisprudence, as of now, the public security departments to check bath, foot bath place 166 times, rectification 30, banned 21, rectification 52 hotels, banned 13, criminal detention of 21 people, 8 people forced to quit poison administrative detention of 104 people. Industry and commerce, health, food and Drug Administration and other departments to check business households more than 5519 households, on-site supervision and rectification in place 38, 162 without "catering license", no "food circulation card", "health permit" issued by merchants "ordered rectification notice", banned 7 unlicensed businesses, shutting down the seizure catering, food sales business unit 34. The politics reflected in the taxi, fast freight, illegal soliciting black bus illegal operation and other issues, the new city traffic bureau overnight contact with 49 taxi companies, taxi at night and seized the key bargaining cheating and other illegal behavior. In addition, the new city to start accountability mechanisms, according to discipline in accordance with regulations 24 people were given administrative warning, admonishing conversation, dismissal and other sanctions. City Public Security Bureau to give 10 admonishing conversation, written examination, administrative punishments such as warning, removed from their jobs. Qujiang District 3 people give informed criticism, admonishing conversation, make a written examination and dismissal and other sanctions. The scene, third political units responsible for the new city mayor Wu Jiang came to the scene, on the rectification and how to establish an effective management mechanism, make a position statement. "Through the TV politics, to feel the zero distance, people look forward to a beautiful environment and the chaos of the train station of the feelings of anger, dare to enhance governance emboldened, smitten the courage and the pursuit of victory." Wu Jiang said, after two months of remediation, the XiAn Railway Station area environment has obvious stage improvement is the result of public participation, support and cooperate with the. We urge the people to supervise and support their work as always. They will take on the city governance efforts to pay close attention to long-term reduction, good control of the work area of the train station, and make greater contribution to the construction quality of Xi’an. Newspaper reporter Zhang Yanfang Li Tianjiao

电视问政城管局长被送放大镜 现场公布电话赢掌声   电视问政现场本报记者阮班慧摄   已经有两位坐在台下的官员被问政   西安市城市管理局节目后第一时间召集市局各处室负责人,各区县开发区局长召开整顿会   昨晚8点,西安市第四期电视问政节目准时开播。西安市城市管理局党组书记、局长严石携8名副局长以及区、县、开发区城市管理局局长现场接受“问政”。节目现场主要针对西安市城市管理局管辖的占道经营、公园绿地小广场的环境以及工作作风问题展开提问,节目结束后,市民代表给严石送上了放大镜。   A 短片暗访   问题1:城管示范街形同虚设脏乱差乱象多   “快跑,城管要来了!”第四期问政节目现场第一段播放的短片中,传来一段陕西话演唱的歌曲,现场观众默契地笑出了声。这段短片反映的是钟楼、小寨等西安的重点区域的乱象问题。要知道,钟鼓楼地区可以说是西安的颜面,是外地游客的必去之地,然而正是这些区域,为何仍存在着这么多乱象。片中看到,有执法人员在现场值守,但是不管事,与小摊贩玩起“躲猫猫”,负责城市颜值的“家政工”却没管好钟楼这间西安的会客厅。在严厉的管控措施下,尤其是国庆期间还有这种乱象,问题究竟出在了哪里?   市城市管理局局长严石坦言,问题还是出在执法人员,是他们的工作不细不精不实。“绝对不能再这样下去,要把钟鼓楼地区当成心尖尖,回去以后我们会制定出台相关的措施。”严石说。   同样存在问题的还有执法示范街。西安这些执法示范街在起初创建的时候,都是标杆,但随着创建工作结束,牌子挂了后,也就没人管了。用短片中市民的话说:“这画面太美不敢看。”对此,市城市管理局副局长李成刚说,正如视频里说的,我们的示范街存在问题和漏洞,下一步会加入考核机制,解决示范街的问题。   问题2:管理者与被管理者是否存在利益链   从电视暗访的短片中看到,北门往出走,中轴线周边,各种烧烤摊鳞次栉比,摊贩表示,有管理公司收费,城管不会明目张胆的收费的,想摆摊,打电话预约,八点以后可以摆,十点以后可以摆到路上,“摆摊一天30元,按月交每月600元。”记者打电话咨询,对方表示,交了钱,如果城管收了东西,他们负责要回。主持人现场算了一笔账,这一段摊位,按照每月600元,共100个摊位来算,这一项可观的收费数目,到底流入谁的手中?   “来之前觉得是压力,是来考试,可是看了片子以后觉得内心深深自责。”针对这一问题,莲湖区城市管理局局长表示,不管是市场设置还是其他情况,如果涉及城管人员乱收费,回去以后严惩不贷,其他人员,回去严肃查处。   在节目中,问政时刻首次派出记者现场连线,首次在多个户外大屏进行直播,并通过4G连线向场内提问,看街头的乱象“实况”,视频中位于大寨路附近的一处占道经营正如火如荼,全然不顾影响市民,主持人现场就记者的连线进行了提问,台上坐的工作人员愣了足足有一分钟,才有人开始回答,原来连线中的脏乱差情况是管理交界区。   问题3:“手机控”“北京瘫”作风懒散   上班时间办公室门紧锁,开了门的工作人员打着哈欠,工作时间打游戏、玩象棋、看节目、躺在沙发上休息……这些不正的工作之风,被记者暗访到的片段不时引起现场观众的一阵阵议论,懒散的工作作风被概括为“手机控”、“北京瘫”、上班时间“萌萌哒”,播放的短片让现场观众纷纷发出笑声,现场在座的执法局工作人员却怎么都笑不出来了,严石局长表示,“绝对不应该!”执法局督导处的工作人员面对主持人的提问有点“卡壳”,同时表示,平时下去督导,实际情况更严重。市局执法监督处负责人就视频内容表示,心里很自责,执法队伍建设不到位,要对短片中的依法依纪严肃处理。   同样存在问题的还有城管热线12342,热线本是与市民沟通的桥梁,然而12342却成了聋子的耳朵。短片中有的投诉,12342工作人员回复了,有的没有回复,但不管回复还是没有回复,投诉的情况都没有得到整治。信息处置中心的万主任面对这样的情况,表示“有了解”,承认市民投诉未处理的情况属于明显失职,本次问政,观众满意度调查前两轮的满意率分别为52.09%、61.45%,最后一轮工作作风投票满意率是40.11%,不满意则“反超”,达到59.89%。   B 现场情况   城管局长:全面提高城市管理水平 给市民一个满意的答复   “作为城市管理者,我们不光代表个人,更代表政府形象,我们将整改,把队伍素质整改作为重中之重,并将结果随时汇报给广大市民。”他拿着放大镜说,以后不仅查自身问题、管理队伍,更要在管理过程中精准发现、管理问题,他在节目现场公布电话86788444,赢得观众阵阵掌声。   “来之前我也做了心理准备,但是看了片子之后发现我们的工作确实没有做好,下来要从队伍的素质提高上下功夫,从规章制度下功夫,我们将连夜立即制定整改方案,不断提高队伍素质,在机制上下功夫。”严石表示,问政后心情久久不能平复,这些年虽然城管局做了很多工作,依然存在很多问题,通过电视问政暴露出来,这是坏事也是好事,接下来他们将以电视问政为契机,对暴露出的问题进行整改,全面提高城市管理水平,给市民一个满意的答复。   C 市民代表   通过问政能真正整改问题   “把问题都提出来的根本目的是能督促整改,让市民感受到政府工作作风的转变,感受到政府狠抓落实的态度,让老百姓得到实实在在的实惠。”作为现场观察员,陕西省行政学院教授刘颖表示,“问政不是只问表面问题,职能部门应该多问自己几个为什么,把问题引向深入,在管理模式、管理体制上都应该进行一次认真反思。”   “看变化,得实惠。我最期待通过问政能真正整改问题,取缔占道经营、清理城市垃圾,让西安拥有更方便舒心美好的城市环境。”西安市外事学院大二学生王勇一直关注电视问政,“前几期我都是坐在电视机前观看,这次通过电话报名来到现场,感受到了政府部门开门纳谏的作风。虽然群众对市城市管理局工作的薄弱环节还存在着质疑,但是也看到了政府转变作风的决心和执政为民的理念。”   D 上期整改   问政单位整改情况 多人被问责   昨晚《问政时刻》依旧以播放第三期被问政单位(火车站广场区域)整改短片开篇,火车站广场管委会负责人将现场汇报整改情况,并再次做出承诺。   据介绍,第三期电视问政结束后,新城区连夜召开整改工作会,成立火车站广场地区专项整改领导小组,对节目中曝光的问题进行梳理分类,指导18个相关部门开展火车站广场地区整治工作。在为期两个月的提升整治工作中,公安部门对涉黄门店一律关人关门,截至目前,公安部门共检查洗浴、足浴场所166家次、整改30家、取缔21家,整改52家宾馆、取缔13家、刑事拘留21人、强制戒毒8人、行政拘留104人。工商、卫计、食药监等部门共检查经营户5519余户次,现场督促整改到位38家,对162家无《餐饮许可证》、无《食品流通证》、无《卫生许可证》的商户下达《责令整改通知书》,取缔无照经营7户,查封关停餐饮、食品销售经营单位34家。对问政中反映的出租车拒载、快捷货运违规拉客、黑大巴非法营运等问题,新城区交通局连夜与市49家出租汽车企业联系,重点检车夜间和凌晨出租车议价宰客等违规行为。此外,新城区启动问责机制,依规依纪分别给予24人诫勉谈话、行政警告、解聘等处分。市公安局给予10人诫勉谈话、书面检查、行政警告、调离工作岗位等处分。曲江新区给予3人通报批评、诫勉谈话、撤职并作出书面检查等处分。   现场,第三期被问政单位的负责人新城区区长仵江来到现场,就整改情况和如何建立长效管理机制,做表态发言。“通过电视问政,零距离的感受到市民对美好环境的期盼和对火车站乱象的愤懑之情,增强了敢于治理的底气、重拳出击的勇气和追求必胜的志气。”仵江说,经过两个月的集中整治,西安火车站地区的环境得到了阶段性明显的改善,是广大市民参与、支持、配合的结果。恳请市民一如既往的监督、支持他们的工作。他们将趁势而上,狠抓城市治理力度不减,长效管控好火车站区域的各项工作,为建设品质西安做出更大贡献。   本报记者张艳芳 李天娇相关的主题文章: