The demolition of the wall collapsed in the wind! Dad was injured rushed to hospital

The demolition of the wall collapsed in the wind! Dad was injured crossing the emergency hospital yesterday afternoon, Xu Xin Lu, Jiang’an District Jiefang Road intersection, a demolition site wall suddenly collapsed in high winds, at a crossing elderly, elderly people were injured and taken to hospital, rescue currently. 1:30 yesterday afternoon, it was blowing out of the wind, Xu Road intersection a building to be demolished buildings outside the walls of the rickety, suddenly backward outside the walls of the sidewalk, a passing dad was unfortunately pressure to the wall, head bleeding, in a coma. Seeing people nearby, the police immediately, and call 120. Soon, the police and medical personnel arrived, the injured rushed to hospital for emergency treatment. 2:30 yesterday afternoon, AFP reporters rushed to the scene, the injured have been rushed to the hospital, the collapse of the wall about 3 meters high, 2 meters long, more than do the demolition of the staff are cleaning up the brick floor, as well as a lot of blood. Under other walls around the demolition, someone was writing a reminder: pedestrians away, and pull up a cordon outside the sidewalk. Business district along the Yangtze River, the five person in charge of the scene, said the incident was not at the scene, the specific situation is not clear, is actively dealing with the matter. In Hankou hospital, health care workers are injured He Diedie from the emergency department to the Department of thoracic surgery. Where daddy was lying in bed, confusion, pain sound constantly. The wife said, Daddy where 67 year old, who lives in Hankou Fuxing village, today I go from home, did not think of the accident. The hospital diagnosis, where daddy bilateral rib fractures, the need for further treatment. (reporter Liu Shan)相关的主题文章: