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The Debussy opera "Pelli Yayse and Sander" Chinese Tim "Meryl premiere Oriental elements – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai in September 8, the famous French composer Debussy (Wang Ji) was the only opera masterpiece" Pelli Yayse and Meryl Sander "8 evening to play in the Shanghai Grand Theatre, the drama was first brought China stage. The director and the performance of the stage design Yi Liming told reporters, hope this is a China with color Debussy opera. "Pelli Yayse and Mei Li" Sander is a famous French composer Debussy completed the creation of the real life only an opera works, tells the story of the ups and downs of the love story between King A Raymond and grandson of Akel, the half brother of Pelli Yayse golaud golaud and beautiful girl Mei Li Sander. In April 30, 1902, the play premiered in Paris opera Comique was a big success, Nobel prize winner Luo Man? Roland once called "the three or four one of the French Lyric Theatre Festival day on the calendar". "It (the Debussy Opera) as a simple greenhouse with noble flowers, need to sit still and enjoy, let it slowly into the heart." Under the baton of the performance of the famous Chinese conductor Tang Muhai said. As a modern opera is full of symbolism, "Pelli Yayse and Sander" Chinese Meryl can be accepted by the audience? In Yi Liming’s view, today’s audience has more space to think about, the need to use music and poetry expression, "Pelli Yayse and the music" is a combination of music and poetry of the model of the. "From the music point of view, I think Debussy’s music is the most consistent with the aesthetic psychology of the Chinese people, and the music of the Song Dynasty in the Chinese painting of the mood of the painting is very similar to convey the mood of Debussy." Yi Liming told reporters, "the director Pelli Yayse and Meryl Sander", through their own "environment diversion, the opera story" transplanted "to the East Chinese," I’m not French, on the stage, I can’t give Chinese audiences a French or western scene." "In the character of the clothing modelling, we use the organic fusion of modern and classical style special material, in the form of drama, some Chinese traditional opera figure modeling. I hope this will be a Chinese opera with Debussy." Yi Liming said. (end)相关的主题文章: