The daughter of the king of Hongkong took part in the European nobility rite, but was Tucao like Liu jiuyaogan

The daughter of the king of Hongkong took part in the European nobility rite, but was Tucao like Liu Zichen! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Heard that the king of Hongkong’s daughter He Hongshen recently went to Europe only the nobility to enjoy’s party punch! What is a daughter? After all, "a few people do well twenty! Pictures from the network well! It is this! The official certification of the "king room four eldest daughter He Chaoying" down down down. I won’t do it anyway, micro-blog put up a pageantry can not wait for the whole world people know that I am the little wife…… Rich wayward He Chaoying now looks like this: what Chaoying here: first to talk about the name of Queen Charlotte Ball of the debutante ball, senior officer, luxury, Xuan is "called the live version of" Alice in Wonderland "pictures from the network but when small see this picture…… Down down down pictures from the network Excuse me? What is a rite or XX company and X love to jointly engage in collective wedding? The picture comes from the online ticket price of 2500 pounds, I said this village gun is also not understand…… But the organizers said, we do not look at the real situation, but also came to see! So the Miss partner must be noble family from Austria, Prince ~ pictures from the network handsome beauty is bang bang da! Soon witty small series and found a problem, adult ceremony is not 18 years old? But the two is not to see how old ah can dangqishuangjiang! Look at the vertical look fast 28…… Pictures from the network organizers explained that the original limit of the age of 17 to 20 years of age, in recent years has relaxed the age limit to the age of 25. So, or the family planning of a foreigner is better? Although He Qianjin has nearly 26, but also every year over the 18? Pictures from the network when it comes to miss the age, really a bit older, at a glance, his face is particularly familiar. At this point, the melon has been calling the masses of Wuli eight hybrid baby! Pictures from the network "Zi Chen, are you"? Pictures from the Internet users have friends to remind Miss Ho: pay attention to the chin, careful to drop". At the moment Xiaobian do not know what to say is that he has the same type of mixed style chin, or Liu Zichen with the same aristocratic style chin…… Pictures from the network, no matter which style, anyway, this is not just the tip of the chin, it is important to have long enough to see Miss Ho’s neck. Down down down pictures from the network so the money is not to own the whole good? Eat melon collective mark face pictures from the network Xiaobian want to say about this problem but not the whole, you greatly misunderstood what the daughter! Pictures from the network when young He Chaoying was a plump baby fat, looked round, very young girls. After joining the weight reduction army…… Down down down (the right to have a sadness called He Chaoying).相关的主题文章: