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The circle Nobel effect: Dylan prize winning works emergency printed original title: Book circle "Nobel effect": Dylan prize winning works related to emergency Jing Beijing Beijing, October 15, (Shangguan) American folk artist Bob Dylan won the 2016 Nobel prize for literature, so that more literature lovers began to pay attention to the musician. At the same time, this trend also blew into the field of books: Bob Din works in the electronic business platform sales soared, inventory shortage; the two publishers decided to print publications about the emergency has been the introduction of the new Nobel Prize winning works. Some critics have joked, this is to press "Nobel effect". Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize related works sales soared Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter learned from Dangdang, 14 noon, the latest statistics show that the Nobel announcement within ten minutes after Dangdang, "Bob Dylan?" keyword search volume over 10000, customers browse the Bob Chronicle "Dylan" (the old version of the title "like a rolling stone) the page number of an increase of nearly 4000 times. Dangdang according to statistics, in addition to "Chronicle", and Bob Dylan’s book "who is he? Explore the real Bob, "along the road straight: Bob, biography," sales are more than in January of this year, the total sales in -9. Currently, these three books are in the pre-sale state dangdang. American folk artist Bob Din. (Figure) similarly, the data provided by Jingdong books show that currently in the sale of 4 books related to Bob and Dylan are pre-sale state. Its relevant person in charge, the sales of these 4 books in the current Nobel prize in literature before the release of the very general, but after the announcement of the Nobel Prize is rapidly upgrading. "For example," straight along the road: Bob & Dylan, "an hour after the Nobel Prize, was almost 5 months before the sale." The official said, because this year’s Nobel prize winner is really a surprise, in the face of the reader’s surging orders, 4 books are currently insufficient inventory". Publishers are also betting Nobel: emergency Jing launched another biography data figure: since 1960s, Dylan has been active for more than half a century in the world of popular music and cultural circles. His representative works include "the answer in the wind" and "the times are changing". Pictured in 1986, Dylan at the concert. Shinco Nobel Prize winner works quickly by holding the phenomenon is not strange. As early as the Nobel Prize announced on the eve of some launched the popular writers press began playing "ready in case the writer award, emergency print works. According to the Jingdong Book Introduction, when Bob Din winning the spread, Chongqing University press will launch another biography wildly beating gongs and drums of Bob Dylan’s "lost home". The above mentioned "Chronicles" domestic publisher Yang Quanqiang introduction, this book has been printed under the "emergency, today is expected to press factory. The number of print in about ten thousand to twenty thousand copies". Who is he? To explore the real Bob Dylan? "Guangxi Normal University press also decided to print the work of emergency. On this site, it was said that Jun相关的主题文章: