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Bullying in the kindergarten, my mother rushed to the headmaster’s office make more than Sohu Wen Wen Wen | mother yesterday, to pick up the little nephew school, first entered the campus before long, I heard a sound of a fight. Follow the crowd to the headmaster’s office. I saw a tall more than and 40 year old women are at the backseat driver yell "his teacher regardless, you have to, you give me comment……" This is the original mother’s daughter came home crying that the glasses legs being broken, the mother will find a teacher to say, she is likely to speak fondly, teacher don’t want this thing. The mother in the heart but this tone, Leng is to the principal room. The father was also called, does not willing to admit their children do wrong, also threatened "don’t think you are a woman I would not dare to how are you, I know you where to shop……" The two sides quarrel that called a lively, until the perpetrators father pulled out 100 dollars to rest. When the child has been bullied in school, mothers will fly into a rage, hate not immediately hit the child. But violence can not solve the problem, and not like a bodyguard for 24 hours with the child, what to do? 1 to keep calm, calm the child, understand the cause of the incident in the school children will feel wronged wronged, mother to appease the child, told him not to be sad, my mother will help you". Give the child a sense of security, so that the child will trust you, and then encounter a similar thing is willing to tell you. In addition, the child will deliberately hide their mistakes in the description of things, exaggerating the other side of the fault, the mother should remain calm, careful analysis of their children in the matter of a few minutes. If the child is often bullied, and even has been related to personal safety, the mother should actively communicate with the teacher. 2 pay attention to children’s emotional and physical condition of children in kindergarten because of young age, but also will not use clear language to tell mom he bullied at school, sometimes busy playing, will forget to tell their parents. So every time after school to go home, my mother should carefully observe the child’s mood, and the children talk about what is fun and unhappy things in school. Give the child a bath, clothes should also pay attention to the child who has no scars, the child is not often said where pain. Let the children become stronger by observing the "bad" students spalpeen type usually class grades are not good, little children, introverted personality. Therefore, mothers do not prevent let children learn Sanda, taekwondo self-defense measures. Tell the children to learn to use wisdom to protect themselves, not a word called to do, of course this is not to let the children have become a hooligan or eldest brother. For kindergarten children, can play a role in the home, guide the children to be bullied, what to do, beat others, want to open the run and ask the teacher for help. We adhere to let the children solve the principle, but when the child can not protect themselves, parents is necessary to intervene, because it will not only let the children weariness, may also affect the development of children’s mental health. Conducting!相关的主题文章: