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The championship SMG recommended: data against Newcastle to escapement canary – Sohu         game time: 2016-09-29 Thursday 2:45         1.02  Newcastle asian handicap:   -0.5     Norwich 0.80;     Europe Index: 1.95 3.38 3.25             Game Analysis:     Thursday morning the championship will be staged the last battle, although coach Benitez last season in Newcastle, but Newcastle eventually cannot escape from relegation fate, but the new season under Benitez tune, Newcastle’s record rose steadily, some time ago has made 6. It can be seen that Newcastle and wins, Benitez has spent running in period, the Norwich will face a fierce confrontation; Norwich and Newcastle also Is one of the team suffered relegation last season in the Premier League this season, the goal is to upgrade the natural return to the Premier League, in the new season, Norwich strong performance in 11 games and only a negative, temporarily to 20 points to win the championship title, the current state of players and morale has reached the highest peak, the battle of Norwich is expected to visit the body back.             handicap interpretation:     sub plate for Newcastle to make the upper hemisphere ", aocai early ginseng water level high, there are some agencies have even reached super high water interval, obviously this mechanism is not optimistic about the plate hit, but shortly after the general increase in Ou Zhizhu wins at present, the various data of Newcastle adverse, I still suggest that the war Norwich unbeaten.         0:0 1:2   score recommended:       half the recommendation: go Pingfu a         Beijing single field recommended: 10         SMG Shengping Fu recommended: 10 & nbsp;       SMG let the ball Shengping Fu (-1) recommended: 0相关的主题文章: