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The cattle sold to raise money to get married man Chanda Henzhao Sichuan online Dazhou news (reporter Xu Rongli Wang Qingjin) recently, a cattle for theft suspect Xiang Dachuan police surrender. Surprisingly, Bai Moumou suspects the theft, because he is eager to know a marriage with his Hangzhou female friends, so they stem from the Bai Moumou stealing cattle work, want to raise money to get married. The theft of cattle: taste the "sweetness" the morning of September 2nd, 3 groups of Shan Zhen Pai Fang Cun Bai Moumou sneaked Dalcheon Fu, Yang Moumou back stolen more than 5000 yuan worth of yellow cattle, and in the afternoon will be sold to 3200 yuan stolen cattle cattle dealer Lei moumou. In September 12th, Bai Moumou from my cousin on the way back, on the way home Liu Jia Cun Wei Moumou, Wei Moumou see near a citrus tree tied to a pair of cows. Bai Moumou tasted the sweetness of the last, will be tied to a cow on the orange tree stole. Then, he will cow to sell cattle Bin Lang first place, and call the cattle dealer Lei Moumou said the aunt had been more than two months to sell cattle. The calf is only 2 months old? The cattle dealer suspicious 18 pm the same day, Lei Moumou rushed to the agreed location, found to sell cattle have two, and the calf doesn’t look like two months like four months, two cows, the market price of about 10000 yuan, but the price asked, Bai Moumou only 8000 yuan. Lei Moumou began to suspect that the sale of the cow may be stolen, the final two transactions failed. Later, Bai Moumou will hold cattle back, at 21 pm on the way back, Bai Moumou found a lot of motorcycle is not far away from home on the road, there are a lot of people holding a flashlight, he knew that he must steal cattle things away, on the one hand, the fear of being caught and beaten the villagers, on the other hand to Frank then, take the initiative to call 110 surrendered. Recommended reading: Chengdu is around 10 minutes car theft gang steal a high-end off-road Guangyuan two wonderful male get rich quick Gang stealing pigeons caught Dazhou three men with guns similar anti stealing dog bitten by gun fire escape life Sichuan men forced brother brother to steal mobile phone to discredit his girlfriend was carrying revenge Nanchong juvenile to steal grapes hanging back to persuade neighbors was slapped in the face相关的主题文章: